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 Cruising along the Hudson River and seeing Manhattan for the concrete island that it is, is definitely a must on a New York trip! Even being at a parallel view to the Brooklyn Bridge (or under it!) bobbing along next to the Statue of Liberty where you can actually take a photo of it unobstructed, since the boat you’re on, courtesy of New York Harbor Tours, fits an intimate number of 6 or in my case, just me, my best gal pal and Captain Dave sailing us on our own private cruise down New York’s state line!

  Albeit I went in winter, the sun was out, the weather was warm-ish and the clouds were nowhere to be seen, which is a plus anytime in New York City! I could definitely see this as a great summer day activity, some champagne, your closest friends and some laid-back cruising on New York Harbor Tours private motorboat!

Captain Dave is super laid-back himself with great knowledge of the city sights and history around the river. It really doesn’t feel like your average tour, no loud microphones pointing out points of interest, no cattle herding of tourists and no squished sardining! With plenty of relaxing breathing space it was just a really laid back fun day with friends, getting to know each other, very personal and very easy-going!

 We went during the first week of December and it was still a blast! I could only imagine what the summer months would be like and can’t wait to come back for some fun in the sun on a New York summers day and even try to catch a tan outside of the city skyscrapers on New York Harbor Tour’s private motorboat. Weather permitting, New York Harbor Tours runs year long, I mean, I went in December two days before a blizzard hit and it was still great, so I’m fairly sure, maybe January aside, but near every month would be a great month to go out and hit the sights from a unique point of view! The great thing was Dave was really flexible around scheduling, with nothing more than the forecast to trust we managed to have a fun, sunny day at sea in December with New York Harbor Tours!

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