yavapai-point-grand-canyonmohave-point-grand-canyonpowell-point-grand-canyonOh-So-Grand Canyon!

That is no lie, this gigantic canyon is slightly more over-whelming then “Grand” which is perfect because you obviously want your breath taken away!the-abyss-point-grand-canyonI have been to this beauty twice now, once when I was 10 and a few weeks ago! When I was 10 I remember being told that you can ride donkeys down into the desert and I begged and pleaded with my mother to let us do that, she gave me the whole “No, because I said so.” but I’ve been obsessed with coming back and doing such a trip….which I didn’t do this trip either! Lol!pima-point-lookout-grand-canyonIt’s a pretty great one-day pit-stop when you’re travelling through Vegas, Arizona or even Colorado, or hey, if you’re just plain driving through the U.S. of A! I was on a road trip from Texas and we needed to pick up a suitcase from a friend in Vegas (life of a traveller, suitcases are left with friends world over!) and we figured we would stop through the Grand Canyon on the way through.sunrise-grand-canyonWe were driving through the night and arrived shortly after sunrise to the South Rim which was SO good I will adamantly insist that you go early! I actually just figured it’s been around so long it’s less visited but at 11:00am when we were on our way out after spending a few good hours I literally saw not only lines of people inside the park but lines of cars literally for over a mile just to get IN to the car park ticketing booth, which is still a mile away from the actual canyon – early birds get the worms, the views and then some!mather-point-south-rim

Of course you want uninterrupted views, but even if you do go slightly later it’s definitely possible to get, when you walk any of the trails there are so many ledges you can climb on to for some amazing, wide-open spaced shots.

Here are a few lookout points we ventured to:

Pima Point:pima point grand canyon

The Abyss:the abyss grand canyon

Mohave Point:mohave-point-lookout-grand-canyon

Powell Point:powell-point-lookout-grand-canyon

Yavapai Point:travel-grand-canyon

Mather Point:mather-point-grand-canyon

Grandview Point – Throwback Attack!vintage-grand-canyon

grand-canyon-trailI loved walking the trail from the Mohave Point to the Abyss and having the total peaceful sensation of freedom in the giant open-spaced outdoors. This sensation was captured with a little written note later at Hermit’s Point when it said to close your eyes and just listen to the sounds around you, taking it all in and taking a moment to appreciate this work of nature in all it’s entirety. I actually LOVE that the park has little notes and the transfer bus drivers have little tour guide moments with their favourite points and advice, they really want you to get the MOST out of your Grand Canyon experience which is an awesome way to be treated when visiting – you go Grand Canyon! Such a team player!deer-grand-canyonthe-abyss-trail-grand-canyonSo this is just the TOP of the canyon that you can see, there are literally so many trails taking you further down, you can camp inside the Grand Canyon, you can stay in cabins, they even have a restaurant down there – who woulda known?! There is white-water rafting, you can do a Helicopter tour, you can rent bikes and ride through the trails, 4WD tours, Boat tours and you can even take the Canyon via Horseback! There are literally SO many activities! It’s a fantastic one-day stop off, but I can easily spend a good coupla weeks here and finally fulfill my 10yr old dream of riding donkeys into the Canyon and camping out underneath the Arizona stars, getting hugged by the red rocks and swimming in the Colorado River!

Have you been to the Grand Canyon? What did you do? How was your experience? Any tips for fellow travellers….share them with us in the comments below! 

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