whitsundays beach sunsetWho’s been having an amazing start to the year so far? How was everyone’s first official week? Where are you planning on TRAVELING to this year?! I absolutely LOVE this time of year. Not only is it my birthday 😉 but the start of the year is when I feel my most motivated, goal-orientated and ready to kick-butt and take names! Let’s DO THIS! I feel this way because I get to reflect on the previous year and respond with my new plans for the new year, taking what I loved from last year and what I want to focus on in the now to continue moving forward! Hopefully you do too and I’m going to help with those New Year travel plans for YOU by getting your traveling brain pumping!

So without further ado, I give to you….MY TOP 15 TRAVELING DESTINATIONS OF 2015!

1. Bali

bali uluwatuEat, Pray, Love your heart out! This little space in the world is perfection! It is so humbling, so spiritual, so CULTURAL, just unbelievably beautiful and there is so much to see and do! The people are beyond nice and welcoming, so grateful for every conversation they have with a visitor or swapping stories over tea in coffee plantations, explaining the temple history, snorkeling the beautiful reefs, surfing the waves, enjoying rock cliff cocktails and soaking up the fresh air in the mountain rainforests. I had breakfast on top of a Volcano, scuba dived a Shipwreck, had an hour massage by the Ayung River waterfall, bathed an elephant, white water rafted, cycled through rice paddies and showered under a dragon statue at the sulfur springs. Sounds like a dream? It’s not. It’s all pinch-me-amazing and beyond cheap for traveling too! Book it, you won’t regret it!

2. Paris

crepe carousel eiffel tower paris travelOoh-la-la! City of love and light, where everyone is sprinkled with that giddy feeling of romance and an open aura of possibilities! With so much history, cafe sweets and treats, fashion at every footstep and gardens that go on for days, it’s no wonder people travel here to get lost! I kissed my love under the Eiffel tower, skipped through Marie Antoinette’s garden at Palace of Versailles, had the most overflowing Nutella crepe, walked the Champs-Élysées, people watched in the Tuileries Gardens, threw my love-lock key into the canal from the Ponts des Arts bridge and most importantly, explored the city with my Aunt who is lucky enough to live there! J’adore Paree!

3. Hawaii

hang gliding hawaii oahuShakas by the plentiful! With a fairly perfect year-round-climate, Hawaii is an all day, erryday destination! Traveling here is like mixing your favourite city with the beach, summer, coconuts and eons of happy, smiling locals! I jumped through a waterfall, got up close with a Monk Seal, glided with Turtles, Hang Glided over sunrise and GOT ENGAGED at a luau! I swear I’m not bias but this place literally is one of the happiest, most adventurous and all-round traveling heaven for the every day sun-seeker, leaving you refreshed, humbled and oh-so-satisfied!

4. Italy

lake garda italyOk, I’m not usually bias, but if I WAS….I’d totally be bias for Italy! I would have romantical daydreams of being in Italy while actually BEING in Italy. I think it has such an amazing feeling for me because I randomly hired a car and road tripped to unplanned destinations and was just living breath by breath and was indescribably FREE! Just free. Nowhere to be, no time to be there. From quirky Venice to bustling Rome to beautiful Lake Garda and colourful Florence, there are still so many cities and corners and inches of this beautiful country I am just itching to go back and explore. Go, and take me with you!

5. Thailand

things to do thailandA lot of people always seem to toss up between Bali & Thailand. But in my opinion they couldn’t feel more different. Bali is very humbling and cultural, very small and intimate. Thailand is much larger, busier, populated and has a wider range of holiday styles. Relax, party, see sites, hide away on one of the hundreds of thousands of island, island hop even! Thailand to me is so colourful with all the golds, pinks and reds. I definitely see at as a Golden sunkissed part of the world. It’s the best place to get lost in the madness, go from deserted beach to bustling bar in the space of an hour, see the beauty of nature and just what it can create – from giant temples in underground caves, to tall stand-alone rocks in the middle of a bay of water. Its Thai-rific! Ha, but seriously, it’s wonderful and I’m dreaming of checking out some more of the islands off the beaten path here! If you have been, let me and other readers know which ones you would recommend?!

6. Great Barrier Reef

great barrier reef australiaWhat a sight for sore-eyes! Crystal clear water is my crypton, nothing says holiday to me more then being able to see my toes through the water and the fresh saltiness in my hair! Well the reef is your best way to get up, close and personal with some of the beauties of the deep! There are so many different dive spots but I simply love the Whitsundays for it’s relaxed and luxurious vibe! I feel there are better chances of catching some larger marine life, some more colourful coral and some even whiter sandy beaches (if that’s even possible!) The whole thing is just so dreamy! It was such a bucket list moment for me and I’m so glad when I tell people I’m from Australia and they say “Ohhhh, the Great Barrier Reef!” I can reply….”Yep, I know the place!”

7. Vietnam

vietnam halong bayThis place is STUNNING! I wish it was as small as Bali so I could’ve seen every inch of it, but I guess, just like you, I’ll have to go back and explore some more! I was lucky enough to spend a few nights out in the wonder of nature itself – Ha Long Bay! Just living the boat life, learning how to make rice paper rolls, fishing in the bay, kayaking, picking out a pearl from an Oyster, moped-riding through villages and having as much noodle soups as I could ever hope for! I would love to go back and spend a month traveling down to Da Nang, the waterfalls there could inspire ANYONE! The best part is, Nam links to so many other Asian countries, so it’s so easily worked in to any big trip, but definitely is well worth the TLC travel time all on it’s own!

8. Scotland

arthurs seatWho doesn’t want to run through castles, jig on the cobble streets next to bagpipe buskers, hike up a park to Arthur’s Seat to overlook an entire city, have your fare share of haggis and Scotch, re-enact your favourite parts of Highlander and, of course, prove once and for all that there IS infact a Loch Ness Monster? This is a story just waiting for you to jump into it! It’s such a beautiful, green, crisp country, absolutely jam-packed with culture and history, just begging you to discover all of it’s little secrets and even, maybe, if you’re lucky, learn how to pull off a Scottish accent without offending the locals….aye wee little lass!

9. London

???????????????????????????????While you’re in Britain….you may as wellllllll! You soun’ like your from Londonnn! I think I waited a solid year so I could say I was having an English Breakfast tea, for breakfast in England…with scones! The parks are my absolute favourite, the sites are soooo easy to squeeze in and see, everything is exciting and intriguing. Riding a red double-decker bus for the first time, riding the tube, hearing locals swearing but it still sounds so bloody posh! Having afternoon tea, always. Shopping at Harrods, actually staring at the guards waiting for them to blink, feeding the ducks and watching the day go by, making sure Ben is still alive and ticking, definite pun intended 😉 and literally walking EVERYWHERE. You’ll love it, in’it!

10. Singapore

sky park marina bay sands singaporeSingapore is beyond beautiful and known for its spectacularly clean and dazzling city. It’s very artistic and the people are incredibly humble and welcoming. I only had a nights stopover but I managed to go and spend a whole day and night exploring and what I love is the size, so that you CAN actually go and explore on your stopovers and still feel like you’re taking in the sights and adventuring. I rode the MRT, partied in Clarke Quay, viewed the city by the world’s largest infinity pool at Marina Bay Sands, saw a treehouse lightshow, watched a laser light water show and strolled the Gardens at Gardens by the Bay. That’s just barely a day, imagine what we could do with a whole week! I think it’s definitely on the agenda, don’t you?

11. Hong Kong

mongkokHong Kong is just amazing, simply put. I couldn’t think of a better place to get lost and happily drown myself in shopping! I loved bartering at the Ladies Markets for bargains, strolling through the city streets on a hunt for the best Yum Cha, delighting in world class cocktails at Ozone the World’s Highest Bar at the Ritz Carlton, enjoying the art Hotel Hopping during Annual Art week and viewing the city up in the clouds at Victoria Peak! I dream of going back here and taking the ferry over to the beach, bike riding through the city and venturing as far as the MTR will take me!

12. Spain

gaudi-barcelonaEspana! Whether you’re marvelling the beaches, Park Guell, Sagrada Familia, enjoying eating your weight in Paellas or drinking your weight in Sangria, there’s no place quite like the friendly faces of Spain! It’s full of life, history, culture and fashion! Everywhere I ventured to I never felt I had quite enough time, I just want to see it all, the more you see, the more you realize how big the world is! So let’s do it. Let’s go back and enjoy some Sangria on the beach and plan on traveling over to Ibiza for even more wild fun! Meet me in Madrid?

13. Austin

austinYeeeeeehawwww! Until I went, I didn’t realize Austin was the capital of Texas! I thought it was Houston or Dallas, but hey, guess what everybody, it isn’t! It is in fact this absolutely fun, eccentric and down-to-earth city named Austin! 6th Street is just like no other, if you haven’t heard the stories, it could only be described as the best street party going down EVERY night. Who has a town that shuts the streets down every night? Austin-ians do! There are also some amazing parks and watering holes for locals to watch the sunrise at just outside the city, we ended up lazing in the park near the House of Representatives building after exploring inside, just think, Obama has walked where I have walked! All in all though, it was the people who made it for me, there wasn’t a bad egg in sight and I had tummy-stitching, cheek-hurting laughter the whole night long! Let’s go y’all!

14. Las Vegas

Crazy Streets of Las VegasImage sourced from Google – SincityGetaways

Veeeeegaaaaassssss! I say party, you say Vegas! Party? VEGAS! Party?! VEGAAASSS!! I’m amped up already! To be totally frank, Gold Coast, Australia is pretty much Las Vegas rules – sands the casino-hopping, we do have a casino, but it’s just A casino…not by the plentiful, however people do seem to get pretty rowdy drunk and stay up til the wee nights of the mornings without needing a bachelor party or dirty thirty for celebrations, but enough about my hometowns alco-ness! There is nothing like the bright lights and endless possibilities of Las Vegas! As much as the rules are generic for me from home with no 2:00am block out rule like the rest of the States, the atmosphere is just beyond! The best artists come to play, the music, the crowds! People seem to act differently in Vegas, they lose their inhibitions, they let loose, they are, simply put, free creatures of the night! I definitely change in Vegas, somehow I seem to think I’m a total baller and get stretch limo’s home that are missing their windows so my friends and I can scream at passers by like total hooligans, rent a big ol house or players suite, I basically pretend to make it rain and then cry when I see my credit card statement then go back to Vegas pretending like that last scenario never happened. No, I’m teasing, it’s not that dramatic, let’s face it though, you go to Vegas to spend yo money! Some go to win some money, but if you’re like me, you generally just go to have a splendid time! 90% of the time….it works every time…

15. Grand Canyon

grand-canyonLucky last! Well while we’re visiting the big lights of LV, we may as well venture to the big sights of the Grand Canyon! Holy moly what a view, what a Canyon! It truly makes you feel humbled to stand so small in something so large and realize how small we are in this huge world. Little, petty problems fade away and the mass amount of fresh air, sounds of eagles high-pitched whistling and open breezes wash over you as you just stand in silence, listening to your surroundings and focus on your awareness and mindfulness. My mind starts racing of how something so vast was ever created, what the Earth was like back then, how the waves must’ve crashed in between the Canyon rocks. Not only is it amazing traveling to new places and seeing new things, but also seeing old things and reflecting on how time has traveled along too. You’ve gotta go at least once, this was the third visit for me and I seem to get a different experience each time, next time, I’m going camping INSIDE! Watch this space…

2016 TIP: Make a vision board for extra traveling motivation!

 2016 vision board

Well you beautiful human beings of the internet, thanks for reading and I hope, hope, HOPE I have given you some awesome traveling destination inspirations for this coming year and you’re ready to go out and get the most out of this world! You know I love a good chat, so comment below what your travel plans are! Where are you going this year? Where have you already been? What else do you think should be on this list?

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