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Welcome to my information page on your My Travelation Skype Consultation!

What it is, is your choice of 30 or 60 dedicated minutes to planning your BEST trip – I go over best routes, flights, destinations, budget, cheap tricks, packing, great travel apps for that area, what to do, what to see and just general awesome advice to send you happily along your way to your dream vacay!

The Process: 

Once I have received your payment via the PayPal quicklink below (or on the home page sidebar) I will then use the email address you have entered to send you through an email to work out the best times for you for your Skype Consultation, I will also ask you a few questions to get an idea of where you are wanting to go/what you are wanting to do beforehand so that the 30minutes or 60minutes that you choose is completely all about advice & planning, I want to maximize your time with me and not spend the first 15 minutes figuring out the details – we want to jump straight in there with GREAT ideas for you!!

During the Skype Consultation I will be audio recording everything we have said, not only for legal purposes to ensure I have given you correct information, but also to send you a copy of the call so that if there is something you want to hear again Рyou can just play it back!

At the end of the Consultation you will be asked if you would like to continue OVER your allocated time for an awesome discounted fee of 30% off the half hour price. Once you choose this option, time will be paused and you will be taken to the payment procedure again before continuing.

Lastly, at the end of the entire consult I will put together an email that goes over everything we had discussed for your records.

THE BEST PART? If you are NOT satisfied by the end of our Skype Consultation. I will offer a 100% refund! There’s really nothing to lose – why? Because I am so passionate about travel and sharing my advice with others that I truly want you to walk away excited, full of knowledge, feeling helped and at ease and most of all ready for an awesome holiday!

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