DSC04151 (1024x576)DSC04179 (1024x576)DSC04245 (1024x576)Singapore! The land of connecting flights, illegally chewing gum and more light shows in one night than in a NYE show! Okay, so I am admitting there is a TON more of Singapore to see and fall in love with, it is so SO much more than a stopover city and I can not wait to come back and enjoy more of the culture and see some more daylight sights. But, alas, we were on a stopover and we made use of every stopped hour in this sparkling clean city! Quite well if I may say so myself.

Okay so the first point of business was checking our bags in to left luggage at Changi airport which was soooo cheap, only $5.00USD all up for each of our bags for the full 21hours of killing time in Singapore! Next we decided to catch the local MRT over to Marina Bay Sands for a trip up to the Observation Deck.DSC04181 (1024x576)DSC04170 (1024x576)DSC04182 (1024x576)Me oh my, what stunning views! A trip up here would usually cost around $20.00 per person. But it’s definitely worth the view! I was lucky enough to catch the sun setting for some epic shots of the Singapore Skyline!DSC04159 (1024x576)DSC04173 (1024x576)Of course, Marina Bay Sands is also home to the infamous world’s highest infinity pool literally putting you at waters edge and city heights all-in-one! No back-flips off this edge! However, only guests are allowed to swim in the pool. Guess I know where I’m staying next time I’m back for more than a day!

The hotel entrance is also inside one of the biggest shopping centres I have ever been in. I spent a bit of my time trying on rings in Tiffany’s, cause, you know….it’s Tiffany’s – I’m always happy to dine breakfast, lunch OR dinner! DSC04240 (1024x576)

Then we were informed there would be a laser light show across the water at 8:00pm in a few hours so we thought we would check out the other hot spot in the area.DSC04208 (1024x576)


DSC04216 (1024x576)Super tall and SUPER purrrdy!DSC04195 (1024x576)DSC04186 (1024x576)DSC04197 (1024x576)

I loved the Gardens by the Bay and the SuperTree lightshows, it was like a rainforest/jungle….only cleaner!

DSC04200 (1024x576)We wanted to have dinner inside the Supertree, purely so I could make like Jane in Tarzan and walk along the lit up bridge, however there was a massive storm approaching (which you can kind’ve tell from the Observation photos) but it was going to put a stopper on being in an electrical tree….figures.DSC04229 (1024x576)DSC04230 (1024x576)We were able to grab some Church’s Chicken being that it’s from Texas, RJ’s from Texas, Church’s isn’t even in LA but here it is in Singapore, soooo….yes! And watch the brief light show from inside the cafeteria, seeing the trees light up in different colours while protected in doors from the pelting rain, not sure if it was the original show. They would kind’ve light and then turn off, but was still beautiful! But we really wanted to check out the laser show so decided to just go and get drenched in a mad dash across the park when it was slightly less hammering down and headed back towards the other side of Marina Bay Sands and Shopping centre for the laser show!DSC04254 (1024x576)DSC04253 (1024x576)It was so not what I had expected. I’m here getting ready for techno strobe lights and it’s this beautiful projection of a water story on a water fountain in the middle of the lake, to the sound of Stevie Wonders “What a Wonderful World”

Since I’d already whacked my party hat on, we figured we would head to Clarke Quay, the nightlife district of Singapore and get our party on until we had to head back to the airport for our 10:00am Check-In! Smart kids. It was soooo much fun! We kind’ve just bar hopped from one cool place to the next, there was even an Aussie Bar which I loved cause it had quite a cheeky joke about “down under” nuff said. Oh, Australia!

Well needless to say we had a fabulous, albeit short, stopover in Singapore – leaving us itching for more!DSC04191 (1024x576)

If you, like many travellers are on a Stopover from Singapore here is my TOP TEN list of things to do. Some I did, some I am dyyyyying to try!

  1. Get High! See the birds-eye, breath taking view of Singapore at Marina Bay Sands SkyPark
  2. Dine in (if the weather permits) or be dazzled with the SuperTree Lightshow in Gardens by the Bay
  3. Get lost and bike ride through the Singapore Botanic Gardens
  4. If you are obsessed with Room Escape games like I am, (I think I’ve downloaded every single one on the app store) try your luck with REAL-LIFE room escape! Omg….the dork in me just did a backflip! Check out for current pricing!
  5. Bar Hop through various cultures and nightlife in Clarke Quay
  6. Shop til you drop for BoHo on a budget in Haji Lane – yes please, and again tomorrow!
  7. Watch the lights and lasers show either at 8:00pm or 9:00pm at the Waterfront Promenade
  8. Depending on how much time you have – swap the city for the crunch of leaves under your feet along the MacRitchie Nature Trail
  9. Although you can find excellent fakes in SG, nothings quite beats the real deal – SPLUUUUURGE or Window Shop in serious style at The Shoppes in Marina Bay Sands. Tiffany’s never turns a gal away 😉
  10. I find the way to a cultures heart is through it’s stomach – try the foods at Makansutra Gluttons Bay – there is sure to be something interesting yet equally delicious for ALL!

Whether you’re dropping in, stopping over or spending some serious quality time, Singapore is undoubtedly a beaute! Have fun and feel free to comment and share YOUR Singapore sweet spots – I would love to hear your thoughts!              

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