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I CHALLENGE YOU TO EDINBURGH! I thought I would try something new with this post, rather than simply suggesting things for you to do, I’m stepping it up by DARING you to do them! It’s a little more forceful. It could be down to the fact I have been watching ‘How I Met Your Mother’ on repeat and Barney’s “challenge accepted” keeps ringing in my head, buuuuut, I’m going with it! And it should be in this order.


Irish-breakfastPicture Credit: Daily Mail UK – I gobbled mine too quick to take photos :/ #photographerfail

Eat a full Scottish Breakfast – Yep, I’m talkin’ Haggis, Black Pudding, the whole sha-bang. It’s good. Trust me. Plus you’ll want to start your day with a full stomach 😉

CHALLENGE TWO:  DSC05204 (800x450)

Be a TOURIST and go find and take a photo with a traditionally dressed Scottsman playing bagpipes….it’s very do-able! On the hunt, buy some bread, you’ll need it for #SIX!

CHALLENGE THREE:DSC05165 (800x450)

DSC05111 (800x450)Head over to Edinburgh Castle for the midday session of the canon shooting. Yup, they shoot a REAL canon. Annnd you may be wondering what these two derrieres are doing as the picture for this challenge photo – I was waiting camera at the ready to see if I could catch the explosion but, I got such a fright when it went off that I jerked my arms back as I clicked down and this was what I got….these two strangers tooshies are my castle canon memory!

CHALLENGE FOUR:DSC05499 (800x450)

On the way down from the Castle, you will find: The Scottish Whiskey Experience. A must! Go get drunk on a never-ending menu of Scotch. Bottoms Up!

CHALLENGE FIVE:DSC05317 (800x444)Now that you are nice and toasty, go and scream at the top of your lungs, on top of the world, at Arthur’s Seat in Holyrood Park – you WILL get wind-blown, bring chapstick. And spread your wings at the edge, there’s nothing quite like it.

CHALLENGE SIX:DSC05345 (1024x576)

Sit and feed the swans in the lake when you get back down to the bottom. Just sit. Be. And relax in the simple pleasures

CHALLENGE SEVEN:DSC05262 (800x450)

Have a running race from one end of Holyrood Park to the other….this IS a challenge, literally.

CHALLENGE EIGHT:DSC05512 (800x450)

Out of breath, out of energy and awfully sweaty, this is the POI-FECT time to pretend to be royalty 😉 Go into Holyrood Palace, dance in the gardens, run your hands across the walls that have been there for 1000’s of years and when you get to the main ceremonial hall see if you can spot the hidden wall-door that the waiters come out of!

CHALLENGE NINE:DSC05491 (800x450)It’s probably approaching the end of the day, but it’s just getting started on The Royal Mile, a cobble stretch of street with markets, pubs, cathedrals, ghost tours and much more – it’s a 10min walk from Holyrood so head on over there and let the bustling mile re-awaken you – you can even go try on one of the many kilts in various shops or hold an owl – yup, it’s ALL there!

CHALLENGE TEN:DSC05139 (800x450)

THE FINAL CHALLENGE on your day in Edinburgh….go buy one of those tartan beanies on The Royal Mile, a bottle of whatever was your favourite brand of scotch from the Scottish whiskey tastings, your best buds, your best impression of a Scottish accent and head down to the Scott Monument through the Princes Street Gardens and make your way up the spirally staircase for an amazing view of the city to top off the day beautifully.

Will you accept?

Send me your photos with hashtag #TravelationChallenge and if you liked this post or have any feedback comment below and I’ll aim to improve and make more of them!

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