DSC01479My favourite thing about traveling is leaving different footprints everywhere I go! Little pieces of me, of who I am in this moment, for me to come back and find later on and think “I remember her.” Only this time in the stunning island of Saint Lucia, I had some help with the footprints from a beautiful horse named Sugar from Atlantic Shores Riding Stables here in Saint Lucia. DSC01446Well, actually, his former name was Outlaw, but a guest before me renamed him Sugar as he was too sweet to be called Outlaw! I think they were right, although he did take me by surprise with a little trot down the hill – making me wonder if I should’ve worn a sports bra instead of swimwear….but a little scratch on his ears when we broke for beach swims had us bonding with a mutual horseback riding agreement. I scratch, you keep it slow and steady 😉DSC01489


What a way to explore an island, by horseback! It’s like a fairytale! What did you do in Saint Lucia? Oh I just picked up a horse from Atlantic Shores Riding Stables and trotted off along the countryside to the beach for a swim, you know what they say, paired swimming is safe swimming! Take a photo on the beach on horseback in a beautiful island – CHECK ✔️ 


DSC01379The trip all started with a winding taxi ride up the beautiful forest-hugged streets of Saint Lucia about an hour and a bit away from the Cruise Terminal to Atlantic Shores Riding Stables! Not gonna lie, I did get a little motion sickness, but I think it was more so from having said motion sickness tablets on an empty stomach, the price I pay for sleeping in and only having half an apple for brekkie on a scramble to get off the ship in time! Woops! So….eat a good breakfast, take motion sickness pills 😉 We stopped at a beautiful lookout point over the island, which allowed me to catch my breath a little bit before continuing a little further along to Atlantic Shores Riding Stables.


DSC01387DSC01399Immediately after arriving I fell in love with the horses, hungry hungry horses I might add! My soon-to-be riding partner of a horse even tried to stick his head out of his own pen and steal some more food from his neighbour! Check it out in the above video! Kodak moment! The one he was stealing from, Ghost, was destined to be RJ’s horse. The white stallion was too funny along our journey, never wanting the other horses to pass him and continuously stopping for a bit of a nibble along the way, I guess you can’t blame him after he had to share his breakfast after all!


DSC01407We started through the countryside on our way to the beach, passing through beautiful green forests and getting to open stretches of land decorated with bright green grass and red bushes, we even saw a fluffy tree/bush that looked like it could’ve been a fluro christmas tree! It wasn’t long before we could see the horizon of the sea in the near distance and came to a beautiful cliff side for an amazing view of Saint Lucia’s coast!


DSC01554We continued along riding through the beach until we came to another beach where we could actually hop down and stretch our legs! I decided to take my horse for a little dip in the water! It was so amazing! He started drinking it and our wonderful guide told me to be careful because he likes to roll around in the water! Ha! DSC01533We didn’t swim or roll together, I had already ear-scratched at this point, solidifying our agreement you see. But just being in the ocean, on horseback, was a dream come true! The couple who had come with us on our journey from the ship decided to try it out as well, she said to me “I never would’ve asked to do something like that!” I loved seeing how happy she was in the water and got my skirt a little soaked running through the waves taking pictures of her! Which didn’t matter so much in a mere few moments when we started heading on again and got absolutely poured on by the rain!


DSC01456We all kept laughing and saying how perfect the rain had made it! Finishing it off with rain was like we had come full circle, literally! All the seasons in one trip, thanks Saint Lucia! I was all laughs until my new horse-swimming friend pointed out she was thankful she was wearing a black shirt instead of white…….wish I could’ve said the same! Welp, it’s times like these I’m glad I don’t have the opportunity to get my hair cut as often as I’d like for emergency mermaid moments!

On the way back our trail talk us through beautiful Mangrove Forests that you can see on the video, my camera unfortunately isn’t waterproof so the GoPro was our eyes for the rest of the journey! We could tell we were getting close even before we could see the opening back to the stables as the horses started speeding up, “food, food, food” they were thinking 😉


DSC01616It was such an amazing experience in Saint Lucia with Atlantic Shores Riding Stables, we had the country, the oceanside, uphill, downhill, sunshine, rain, a beautiful couple to laugh and make memories with along the way and even a nice colourful Pina Colada to finish the experience off at a nearby restaurant on the way back! Amazing! I would do this again in a heartbeat and would recommend it to anyone who wants to have a more unique experience, not flooded with tourists and get to see the REAL Saint Lucia that we were incredibly lucky enough to see, in such a different way and make memories to last a lifetime, I’ll definitely look back at my Saint Lucia footprints as one of my faves to date!DSC01473

I hope you have as much fun as I did and I look forward to hearing about the footprints or hoofprints rather that you make with Atlantic Shores Riding Stables too –



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  • Reply Marilyn Burton July 11, 2016 at 10:48 am

    Wow what an amazing picture you paint! Can’t wait to do all these things .Love the way you bring it all to life I can imagine myself right there with you ! 🙂

  • Reply Wayne Imbert July 11, 2016 at 12:33 pm

    Love your blog Natalie. Thanks for sharing your experience. I really enjoyed reading about your connection with Outlaw. Sounds like you made a new island friend 🙂

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