An absolute must-experience of Puerto Rico, is without a doubt, the U.S’s ONLY Tropical Rainforest – El Yunque Rainforest. There is plenty to see and do in this lush and large rainforest and you can easily get amongst the nature and beauty for at least a few hours! Personally, I chose to see as much of it as possible and got my workout in venturing across three trails, a tower and a very long walk down to yet another waterfall to chase!

El Yunque Rainforest (16)El Yunque Rainforest (10)

El Yunque Rainforest (6)

El Yunque Rainforest (2)So, of course, the main attraction of El Yunque Rainforest is the full-body massage in the refreshing spring water of La Mina Falls. There are a couple of ways to get down to the falls, most people take the La Mina Trail, but we chose to go from the Big Tree Trail down and then take the La Mina Trail back up to see two different trails and as much of the forest scenery as possible. The La Mina Trail seemed like it would be an easier trail to walk down, whereas the Big Tree Trail was a bit more hikey and a bit more work for the hiney! Definitely pack your swimmers, because you won’t want to pass up the chance to swim in icey rainforest water and snap some happy snaps right under the 35feet drop of water massaging all that hike tension out of your back 😉El Yunque Rainforest (9)

El Yunque Rainforest (17)On the way back up through the La Mina Trail I managed to spot the top of the La Mina Falls, veering off track, naturally wanting to see absolutely everything and anything, I convinced the gang to venture down from the path, climb down tree roots and slide down a slippery rock to get to the top of the 35 foot falls that we were swimming through mere moments before.

El Yunque Rainforest (12)

It’s one thing to experience a waterfall staring up at it’s magnitude, but completely different looking down at it from above! Especially when the three of us were the only people up there and had the whole section of mini falls dropping in to the big fall all to our little happy selves!

El Yunque Rainforest (20)

El Yunque Rainforest (21)After enjoying the falls and making our way back up to the top of the road, we decided to walk the road down to the other perks of El Yunque Rainforest, like the La Coca Falls and Yokahu Observation Tower! It was such a refreshing day and a great way to experience something tropical when having an American getaway!El Yunque Rainforest (8)

Traveler’s Tip: I would download the Uber app and catch an Uber ride there if you’re heading from San Juan, make sure you also take the number down from your driver to pick you up an hour before you’re ready as you won’t find many drivers readily available when you’re sitting at the top of El Yunque Rainforest. An Uber will save you about $150.00 as a taxi will cost you $250.00 minimum for the round trip, whereas an Uber is only $50.00 each way for the 45minute journey from Old San Juan to El Yunque Rainforest.

So there you have it, visit the only tropical rainforest in the U.S – √ CHECK! 

El Yunque Rainforest (1)


For more information about El Yunque Rainforest check out the official site here


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  • Reply Financial Panther April 27, 2017 at 1:47 pm

    Thanks for sharing. My wife and I just made this trek and was great to see how others did it. We decided to head up to the El Yunque Peak first before turning back down and hitting the waterfall. Was pretty crowded, but awesome. Ended up finding a spot at one of the smaller pools above to chill at.

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