Have you been thinking about Humantay Lake? 

Humantay Lake

Humantay Lake is a sought after sight hidden deep within the Sacred Valley outside of Cusco, Peru. The turquoise waters contrast with the icy mountains so beautifully and it truly takes your breath away, so when Trexperience offered to take us there on a guided hike, how could I possibly turn down a bucket list moment for myself?

Juan, owner of Trexperience and our guide for the day is a mind like my own – he mentioned we would have to be picked up at 3:00am but he does this to be some of the first at the lake, uninterrupted views and serenity and most importantly – beating that rush! Humantay Lake to ourselves, (with possibilities of flying my new drone as well :P) AND I love a good open area with NO crowds, it brings way more authenticity to a place and makes you feel like you’re having your own secret moment while the rest of the world is still asleep!

Albeit, freezing cold at that time of the morning, it definitely woke us up! Nothing like a bit of frostbite to supplement coffee, lol jks, I OF COURSE had coffee as well…actually some of the Trexperience team went out and picked fresh herbs for my brother and sister-in-law traveling with me as they had gotten food poisoning in Buenos Aires and it completely fixed them right up – just from what they found in our surroundings at the bottom of the valley – how cool is that?!

We began our trek at the bottom of the valley and Juan offered us so much insight of Peruvian history and spiritual beliefs, the levels of living and animal representations of stages in your life – it was amazing culture and fantastic convo – also pretty great that he did a lot of the talking so we could catch our breath in the high altitude LOL! It wasn’t crazy tough, but you can definitely start to question your fitness levels on a flat surface…

After reaching the opening of Humantay Lake, my brother convinced us to walk up on to the mountain and we had the most stunning 360 views of the lake, mountains and valley – I would highly recommend taking that extra 10 minutes to walk up a bit higher for the stunning views!

I did pack my swimwear….did not at ALL need to. I was not game enough to go in despite raving on to everyone “When are we at Humantay Lake in Peru, c’mon? YOLO!” yeah, you first mate. Maybe if I come back in the summer months, maybe.


We literally were trekking back as the crowds were coming up and we spent a good hour there so it was well worth leaving early, to give you a rough timeline it was around a 3hour drive from Cusco which got us there at 6:00am, about an hour/hour and a half walk each way so we were at the Lake just before 8:00am, which realistically is perfect timing for a nice sunlight and not so crazy crowds, I could only imagine what it would be like without a company like Trexperience, sharing Humantay Lake at heavy-crowd lunch time? No, thanks.

We got back down around 10:30-11:00am and this next thing was soooo freaking cool and actually was a major highlight of the day!

The team at Trexperience decided to cook us lunch via “earth oven” – haven’t heard of it before? Me, neither! Basically, what happens is a fire is started underneath a pile of rocks over a hole in the ground, heating them up, then you collapse the rocks into the ground and begin to bury food in between the hot rocks sandwiching potatoes, various meat, herbs and vegetables under ground, covering the entire thing with a tarp and letting mother nature do it’s thing for 40 minutes whilst you sip on some Andean wine and get a little more drunk than you expected due to the altitude – you’ve been warned.

The entire day was absolutely amazing, I learned SO much culture, seeing Humantay Lake was absolutely breathtaking and I don’t think we would have had the same experience with any other tour company, I absolutely LOVED seeing it before the crowds and of course that traditional meal and authentic way of cooking was SUCH an experience and of course that’s what we travel for! To immerse ourselves in other cultures, have amazing experiences, make friends and most importantly life-long memories.

I love the name of the company as well “Trexperience” because it is so much more than just ‘trekking’ – anyone can take you on a guided hike, but this was an EXPERIENCE. What a way to live a day! Loved it and I would highly recommend if you’re looking for an authentic and unique way of seeing a beautiful site like Humantay Lake whilst traveling to Peru. Let me know if you guys would like to know anything else about the day, I would be more than happy to answer questions because I absolutely loved this day and would love for you guys to have an amazing experience when you visit as well.

If you would like to reach out to Juan and organize your own tour or many others that he does, including Machu Picchu and Rainbow Mountain, visit his website at –

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    I love hearing how you are using specialty tour companies! It seems to make a difference in your experiences that you write about, love traveling vicariously through you!
    Travel safe!

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