Each year, we make ourselves promises. Promises that we base on last years mishaps, things we want to improve on, ways to make ourselves the best possible version of ourselves. That’s great! Go human nature! What a positive way to start each year. So….why don’t they stick?

Is it that we are subconsciously comfortable in familiar patterns, we say we want change, but when the actions are speaking their loudest, we are just comfortably chilling on the couch watching our favourite re-runs, munching on junk food and procrastinating. It feels great. Don’t worry, I am riiiiiight there with ya! But, lately, I’ve been feeling guilty about doing that. In fact, I don’t think I’ve spent a day chilling on the couch at ALL this year (so far), and, I also haven’t had a drop of sugar (like….at….alllllll) since January 7th (the day after my bday, when I am allowed to eat everything without it counting!) I won’t lie….Coffee is just not the same. And no, I don’t believe I will go the whole year without having one piece of chocolate, but for now, I just haven’t wanted to. My body is actively WANTING to be healthier both internally and externally, from the mind to the soul and that good ol charismatic spirit!

This year, for some reason, my resolutions are just….sticking! And yes, it’s only been just over the first month, but still, let me share with you how I have had my motivation and maybe it will be just the thing to reignite yours, so that you can have the best possible 2015 EVER!!!

Let’s start with the New Year…

I brought in the New Year with some AMAZING people! That’s the first step. Surround yourself with people that put out good energy, that reciprocate your good energy, and who generally share in your happiness making you feel like an amazing person. These are the people that make you the best version of yourself. The type of people that put a smile on your face just thinking about them. It’s not about having someone to kiss when the clock hits 12:00, it’s about having a memory to smile at afterwards. This new years, I wasn’t about bringing it in hungover and feeling like crap the next day, I wasn’t about partying so hard that I wouldn’t remember the best parts. I was about having a smile on my face, entering the new year happy, healthy and PRESENT. Leading up to NYE of course you start to think “what will my new years resolution be?” here’s the catch….you have to start your new years resolution before the new year! If you start the next day, you are already behind, trying to play catch up and it then feels like work, when it should rather feel like something that’s pre-existing that you have consciously put in place so that it is now a part of your new you for the new year!

Let’s take a look at some common examples – “I want to get fit” I’m sure all of us out there at least once has had this as our NYR (new years resolution) but usually I would wake up tired, want to chill with friends all day at the beach, relax and then start maybe a week after NYE and be like oh yeah, I wanted that this year, ok let’s start now, or tomorrow, or the next day, or….never. If you really want to make being fit a part of your new year, why not go for a jog that morning before your big NYE bash, you’ll look even better in your outfit for later that night, have new found energy to last or if nothing more, the piece of mind that your resolution is in motion! Then, it could be as simple as having a ton of water and some bananas before bed to cure any early sightings of a hangover and be that friendly face to volunteer the walk down to the cafe for the morning coffee’s/tea’s/breakfasts and general hangover cures for the people who didn’t have their share of water and nanas. You’ll be taking in the new year with a nice stroll and get bonus points with all your mates for their morning hug in a mug – or takeaway cup! Basically, make somewhat of a plan and begin to put it in motion. This goes with all NYR’s “I want to travel more” – start the savings going NYE or at least make a list of your budget ideas and how much you will need to set aside each pay week. “I want to be more positive” create some great affirmations and label your alarm in the morning with their title, you are now starting your day each day with a reminder to be positive and optimistic. “I want to do more in my day” “I want to do less” I want to learn how to dance, surf, sew” all of these begin with a single step, and with the beauty of the internet these days can require minimal effort with a mere Google tap on your phone. No more excuses. It’s easy to make changes, so don’t complicate it with if’s, and’s, but’s or the ambiguous maybe’s.

So now you HAVE the motivation….but, how do you keep it? Being a writer, I love to jot things down, write things up, hang words where I will see them or get creative in anyway possible with dream boards, vision boards, inspirational statements, manifestation and general goodness reminding me each day. You can use any of these or if you are less of a words and more of an action do-er then create a routine that is EASY to stick to. Don’t set your alarm for 5:00am every morning in hopes that you will go for that morning workout before work when realistically you will snooze longer then normal and spend your mornings rushing around and resenting your routine. Be realistic in your planning, if you start at 9:00am then a 7:30am half an hour workout is more then manageable – baby steps! If you start little, your resolution can get bigger, but if you go the other way, it will only seem harder and harder, you want to LOVE improving yourself, not resent it. Also, do your research, where does that dance class take place, what time does it start, how much does it cost, can it fit into my routine and am I able to enroll. No one’s going to hand you your path and say “Hi, I was just reading your mind, do you want to learn dancing? You do?! Well right this way sir!” It’s up to Y-O-U!!! But when you research, make the plans and put it out there, out loud, something about the world knowing makes you feel compelled to stick to it, it’s an innate human trait to want to impress people for validation, so go on, validate your NYR by telling a friend, who knows, maybe they will want to do it with you, then there’s extra motivation right there as a bonus!

Finally, if you end up straying and finding yourself not so resolution-y, don’t fret, you are not alone. It’s a long year, you have TIME! Time does not have to hinder you from living your life, you control your time, you make your choices and you can choose to fall back in just as easy as you fell out. We’re humans. Life is going to get the better of us and nothing can be robotically planned. But, you can get the best out of life by making choices rather then excuses. The solution my friends here is this….your new years resolution is nothing more then a choice you are making. Which means, YOU control it. If it’s not going the way you hoped, guess what, you can change it!

“Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again, and expecting different results.”

Be realistic, be true to yourself, be a do-er and you will and can do it. Breathe. Believe. Achieve. Receive. You got this!


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  • Reply Mazza February 7, 2015 at 5:59 pm

    What an awesome blog . So inspiring and some great ideas! I’m going to make and start my NYR today rather then think i missed the boat! thanks for the great words of wisdom. really love reading all your blogs can’t wait for the next one 🙂

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