She needed wide open spaces, room to make her big mistakes, she needs new faces, she knows the highest stakes. #GrandCanyon #USA #Travel

I’ve got that feeling again. A trip is coming, the packing process has begun, I wake up excited, I’m smiling at EVERYONE, I feel like I could just burst! It’s the two-week-itis, my favourite part of the travel bug, when you are antsy pantsy every day because you are one lucky soul with your hands on a ticket somewhere! Anywhere! But you are going, going, gone!

Soooo, this is winter on the Gold Coast... Of COURSE I call #Australia home  #GoldCoast #Beach #bestbeaches #Travel #Love #Life #Winter #SummerMy parents always took my brother and I on trips around the world when we were young, I had a passport before I had a tooth, not even an exaggeration. So the travel bug was instilled in me at quite a young age, the adventure of seeing something new, being somewhere new, the adventure of being on an adventure! To this day my Mum still tells me tales of when she traveled around the world from age eighteen to thirty-four, before settling down to have us wonderful children (haaaaa) and I still sit there, wide-eyed, smiling when she smiles and reliving moments with her like I was there. My Mum is one of the biggest inspirations in my life and I have always admired her wild, adventurous spirit and zest for life! So, with that, it brings me great pleasure to introduce you to Marilyn, the number one person that makes me want to see the world

Marilyn 2 Bulawayo

Hiiiiiiiiiiiii Muuuuuuum!! Looking GREAT! Meet Marilyn, the happy-go-lucky traveler from the 60’s who has rocked peoples worlds with her awesomeness! When I first moved to LA, I stayed with one of Mum’s friends, Julie, for the first few nights to get myself on my feet as I knew no one and hadn’t exactly figured out accommodation for the next 4 months while I was enrolled in my Acting school, hey, I was just happy to be there! So Mum being Mum, makes calls around LA for so-and-so to come meet me and 11390134_10155670930570072_8485765926958189378_nhelp me out etc and every single one of them, started the convo with, “God your Mother and I had some great times!” it was like seeing me, made them think about her and all of the great vibes she had left them with. It’s not just the places she has gone, or the crazy, hilarious stories she tells me, it was in that moment, meeting all of her friends from her traveling days, that I realized, this is how you find the friends you have for life. Of course, you still stay close with all of your school friends, but travelling opens you up to meeting so many new people while you connect by experiencing new things together. Just take a look at RJ n myself, had I not gone to LA, I wouldn’t have met RJ in the lobby of the apartments I was staying in, just a fresh two days of being in the country, after my Mum’s friend Julie had dropped me off there, forgetting my adaptor for my laptop forcing me to be over-trusting by LA standards and ask him to watch it for me. Four years later, here we are. You can’t force fate but you also can’t run from it, go out there and let it have you, just like my Mum did, she’s the coolest person I know and it’s purely because she’s lived!

So the next two people are people I haven’t actually met, the beauty of the internet amiright?!Insta1Some of you may already know her, but my second travel inspo is Miss Jessica Stein of Tuula Vintage. She’s the big suit boys and girls, one of the ones who started it all when travel blogging was slightly less heard of. Guess what, she JUST shot with Victoria’s Secret from being such a beautiful, both internally and externally, inspirational, social star who inspires people like me and you and everyone in between to travel, live, love and look great doing it! Jess takes some of the most beautiful photos, I especially fell in love with her during her Turkey trip, then Croatia, then Jamaica, then back tracked to cyber stalk every other amazing place she had been and religiously check her insta for amazing pics that make you want to blink and be there too! You will find a lot of fashion inspiration on Jess’s website in some picturesque cities all over the world, she is a must-follow, but with over 2 million viewers, chances are, you already are! Thanks for being you, Jess!Brooke-Saward-scotlandOk, now this little chikadee next has literally been not only my inspiration to travel, but also my motivation to start this travel blog (as well as Mum, of course!) I actually found her and Jess, through a friend, who was going to the states just as I was coming back to Aus for a few months, we would be missing each other as life would have it! But my girlfriend was showing me this wandering traveller’s instagram and I stopped eating my sushi (so you know it’s a big deal!) to be mesmerised by her amazing feed and personality, which is crazy to say, how can you know someone’s personality without ever meeting them? Something about Brooke Saward, creator of World Of Wanderlust, just comes bursting out in every photo that you truly feel like you’re on her journey with her! I think I’ve read almost every blog on Brooke’s site as well as bought her first book, I was so curious how she got it all started AND how it’s become so insanely successful in a relatively short amount of time, and let me tell you there’s no B.S. This girl simply put, works her tooshie off! And I love everything she said in her book and truly found it an inspiration that I could create my own travel blog.

Warning: not very many writers, ever, especially fresh starting, will actually admit to their secret idols in fear of being slammed for imitation. But I’m sooo completely proud of these people above and it makes me proud of myself to be achieving my goals through inspiration from them. Pay it forward right? These wonderful ladies have all inspired me, so that hopefully I turn around and inspire YOU!

From working in the creative industry from such an early age, all of my life, you learn quick, it’s a tough gig, and there are millions of people that are going to tell you “no, you can’t” so you learn as an artist to respect every other artist for doing what it takes and lifting them up to make up from anyone putting them down, BUT for every million, there’s a billion telling you “YES! You CAN!” So here’s to them. My yes girls. Thanks for the great “trinspo” – travel inspo 😉 and for being positive role models. When I board that flight in two weeks, ticket in hand, I will give a little smile, just for you!

Travel. Bug. Officially. Caught.rome cavalieri beautiful view

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  • Reply Marilyn July 21, 2015 at 2:45 pm

    What a beautiful accolade! Thank you my beautiful daughter . Keep on travelling and living your dreams xxxx

  • Reply Lynne LaFever January 5, 2017 at 5:39 pm

    This is one if the best blogs I have read of yours. My dad was my inspiration and I’ve added you and RJ to my list of people I was enough to have God steer into my life.

    Thanks! 💕💕

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