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Japan was the very first place I travelled to overseas without my parents. One of my girlfriends was living over there at the time and two friends and I decided to go over as a surprise to celebrate her 20th Birthday with her! I think the biggest surprise was how much crazy fun we had in this absolute whirlwind of a city!! Everything is soooo different, in the BEST way! The food, the people, the customs, the technology! Let me share a few reasons why I am mad about this fast-paced, fashion-based, crazy space of a city!

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If you can think it up, chances are, the Japanese have already created it! They are the most advanced-technological savvy people I have ever come across. You know pugs? As in the dog? Have you ever heard of a mini-pug? Unless your Paris Hilton (who had photos with the shop owner) then you probably haven’t! There are pet stores with miniature everything and they don’t get any bigger then the palm of your hand – unbelievably cute – but don’t lose them!




4550_108050801018_7630995_nThere are cars that come in box-form, a Train route to just about anywhere, coin-sized tokens to enter clubs and buy drinks, Toilets that will actually, very intrusively, clean your bottom – or warm it! Showers that have the option of overhead water, feet-level water or horizontal level for a direct-hit on your side when you wake-up first thing in the morning and are in so much shock that can’t actually figure out how to turn it off while your being plastered to the wall (GREAT times!) Trolleys carting around with a variety of food, the ability to add “desu-ka” on to anything to make it a question i.e. “McDonaldo desu ka?” translates “Where is McDonald’s?” (pronounced “deska”) Temples that are older then World War I, Graveyards in the middle of the city, Gardens you can catch a ferry too and then have Japanese Tea in and all of that westernised greatness of Tokyo, Disneyland! Basically, Tokyo, Japan is one of the most amazing, cultural places, you will ever have the pleasure of going.

Here are a few of my favourite memories:

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Hamarikyu Gardens where you can have tea in the middle of the lake

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Yanaka Cemetry in the middle of the City

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Visiting Tokyo Tower and Tokyo Dome City – This rollercoaster is sooooo scary! Have fun going upside down with JUST a seatbelt!!! So much fun!

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Tokyo Disneyland and DisneySea!!! 

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Experiencing Tokyo Food carts, desiging my own Drink concuctions in an Underground Restaurant in Shibuya, making use of….the toilet. (I hope you can squat! Just kidding, they have western options too lol)


Photo Name Drop Alert! “wasn’t me” Shaggy, T.O.K. and my gal pals – now usually I wouldn’t include a photo like this as I’m not one to Name Drop, living in LA for four years that sort’ve stuff makes your eyes double-roll! BUT, I have the funniest story for you guys!!! 

So here we are, partying away in this nightclub in Roppongi, we get pulled up into the VIP section and start dancing away. Roshaun to the left of me is taking happy snaps with my camera and I ask him to hold it for me, yadi yada my girlfriends and I keep dancing and then we end up going somewhere else, when we get there I realize Roshaun still has my camera! So I go out to go back to the club to find him, telling my friends I’ll be back, I get outside and kind’ve gather I’m lost! Admittedly had a little too much to drink, so I walk in the direction I think is right, all I know is Donkey Hotay “can someone please tell me how to get to Donkey Hotay?” “Donkey Hotay desuka?” (It’s actually spelled Don Quijote, it’s this massive shopping centre in the middle of the strip of Roppongi, central to almost everything)

I end up finding the nearest McDonald’s instead.

Deciding it’s a loss, I start heading back to my Hotel, eating my weight in McPorkBun Burgers, all of a sudden I hear “Well look who it is! Damn girl, u hungry!” I pull my head OUT of my Maccas bag and staring down at me is Shaggy and entourage. I have about 10 gallons of mayo on my face and the first thing that comes out of my mouth is “your friend has my camera!” Haha, he was like “I know, I know, don’t worry we’ll get it back!” They made some calls while I stood there, continuing to eat. My girlfriend who had come out to look for me ended up running into us, we got my camera, said our goodbyes and we were in stitches at the hilariousness of the situation all the way back to our room! Well, at least I’m not one of those people who put on a front in front of people, if I’m hungry, I’m eating!! Fun times!


o-TOKYO-facebookSo although I never actually got to see the Cherry Blossoms as it wasn’t Cherry Blossom season they are absolutely amazing and my girlfriend’s photos looked absolutely stunning, I for sure will be going back to Japan-land in Cherry Blossom season, just to get a glimpse of these natural beauties! Among many, many more reasons to go back! Tokyo is such a vibrant city, there’s so much to do, and so much to see! I absolutely adored spinning around at full force in this gorgeous City! Thanks for having me To-key-YO!


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