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You made it to Jamaica, you want to see every inch of it, or at least as much as possible in the time you have. So you head to Ocho Rios to hit up some must-do’s before continuing the rest of your Jamaican journey! What are those must do’s? Well, there’s definitely a lot of tourist spots to hit, Dunn’s Falls is one, Dolphin Cove is another, but with my few hours to spend, I knew the first and most important thing to do – Bob Sledding! Feel the Rhythm, feel the rhyme, get on UP it’s BOBSLED time!


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mystic mountain ocho rios (4)Mystic Mountain is your one stop shop for a day well spent, not only do they have the iconic Bob Sled, you can zip line through the forest, sky-lift up through the forest (it’s actually compulsory in order to get up to the Mountain, one way up – one way down! It’s definitely a peaceful way to view the city of Ocho Rios from above! There’s also an infinity pool with a slide winding over the Bob Sled track, a butterfly sanctuary and a restaurant with a view and even a Bob Sled for your condiments!

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Smystic mountain ocho rios (8)o, let’s chat about this Bob Sledding experience for a hot minute. Fact: It feels like a roller coaster, that YOU are in control of. Also Fact: You tend to realize your level of scared real quick! You know those moments on a roller coaster where you’re like “Man, I wish there was a brake on this thing!” Well, on the bob sled, there kind of is, it’s just automatic reaction, you’re pushing down on a leaver to make the bobsled go, and all you have to do is pull back or essentially ‘let go’ in order for it to stop, so when you’re going full speed down the Bobsled track and you reach a winding corner, you tend to let go of the leaver that’s pushing you so fast! It was actually the funnest thing ever though, my own self-controlled roller coaster just for me!

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mystic mountain ocho rios (5)But my adrenaline wasn’t over there – zip lining for the first time in Jamaica, because, well we’re here aren’t we? I had never zip lined before but I was surprisingly gung-ho for it. There are 5 tracks and a bridge climb to go over that take you winding back down towards the bottom sky-lift to end your day at Mystic Mountain. You can always sky-lift back up again though if you want to have a full day and tackle anything twice!


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blue hole ocho rios jamaica (11)So, earlier on before I actually went to Mystic Mountain, I tried to see if I could hit up the Irie Blue Hole bright and early before too many tourists arrive. Well, I definitely got there early. So early in fact that confession: I may or may not have jumped over the fence to get in. On the plus side, I definitely go to have it all to myself! Actually, no, sorry, I did share it with a thunder storm that rolled in leaving me, my clothes, my shoes and almost my camera absolutely soaked! But it sure was purrrty! Also, check out the video, there’s a pretty funny moment of me trying to jump onto the rope swing that is laughable and also a shining-light on my upper body strength – or lack there of.

So there you have it folks! That’s how I chose to spend my day in Ocho Rios and it was B-E-A–UUUUUTIFUL! I definitely don’t regret a thing but of course want to come back and explore more of this town! How would you spend your day? Write me in the comments below!



Get ready for a LOL. So, I decided to rent a car on my Jamaica trip, for precisely this reason, to road trip and see as many stops as possible, so the night before my Ocho Rios adventures I was driving from Montego Bay Airport to my hotel in Ocho Rios, but, I didn’t have a GPS, or saved directions, or a clue. Luckily true to Caribbean island form, there’s one main road that pretty much takes you where you need to go with clear signs to each town, so I followed it along until Ocho Rios and drove right into a mess of local traffic, markets, people running across the street and a lot of honking! If you’ve ever been to Bali, it would be like driving in Bali at prime time traffic hour!

Town name signs = bueno. Street name signs = not so much. I was not going to be able to just drive up to my hotel, so I tried getting a taxi drivers attention to see if the street I was looking for was close by, he ignored me. Another local crossing the street came over to my window though, so I asked him, without further ado, he walked around my rental car, opened the passenger door and hopped in. “I take you there” he says. Well, this crosses the line of stranger danger I thought. “No, no, that’s okay, please hop out.” I reply. He hops out the car and I kind of just un-subtly lock all the doors and wind up the windows. “Why are you offending me?” he yells. “No, I’m super appreciative, thank you, i’ll find it myself, thank you!” I call out apologetically, trying to 3-point turn my rental in the opposite direction getting honked at from every which way, he points down a few blocks at the street I’m looking for and walks towards it, so I follow back the other way and turn down the street I’m looking for, which he’s now standing on the corner of staring at me, and I’m stuck in traffic of people trying to also turn down this narrow street and a very awkward eye contact with my over-zealous friend.

Chances are, he probably had the best intentions. But this was actually for those who don’t know, my first ever SOLO travel so perhaps I was a little more cautious than care-free. It was definitely a tale to tell RJ after checking in to the WiFi at the hotel. Which I had to pay cash because their machines were down, so I had to walk back up the same street, to the same corner where the ATM is. I was secretly hoping not to have any run-ins and pretty much ran back to my hotel, paid and stayed in all night. Lesson I learned? Lock one’s doors when one enters one’s car in foreign country. I’m safe Mum, I promise, love you baiiiiiii

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