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                                                            PART ONE                                              PART TWOUntitled3When we arrived in Florence it was already night time and I had NO idea about the amazing place we had entered. Our stay at Frattoria Pratale was just like nothing I have ever experienced. It was exactly what I had drawn up in my head of how I pictured Florence might be – and it was such a last minute organization between the owner and I that I completely put it down to fate and manifestation! And I’m sooooo glad it happened, I feel if I had stayed somewhere in the city of Florence rather than the outskirts I might have been slightly disappointed. It’s beautiful! Don’t get me wrong! But it’s very similar to a lot of other “cities” and I was in desperate search for a Florence Tuscany countryside setting!DSC06398 (1024x576)We had to drop the car off the next day and that’s kindve when I realised how OUT of the city we actually were. It was only a 15 minute drive but without a car it’s virtually impossible to get to, so I don’t have a ton of Florence city to show you. We did walk through the city to the main central train station to get a taxi back out to our accommodation and stumbled across the infamous mini waterfall of the River Arno while crossing the bridge.DSC06376 (1024x576)DSC06395 (1024x576)DSC06388 (1024x576)We also walked into the Piazza Santa Maria Novella where we enjoyed the sunshine and grabbed a bite to eat on the go while walking through the side streets and checking out some of the shops and various stalls.DSC06399 (1024x576)I would have loved to see the Boboli Gardens or even taken a day trip hiking in Cinque Terre. But hey, it’s not going anywhere! I will for sure be back and ready to attack!

I did however get to experience a lot of what most don’t.

DSC06403 (1024x576)I was staying out in what we figured was “wine tour” country and one of the best is Antinori’s! If for nothing other than the architecture alone! I decided to walk from where we were staying and unfortunately misjudged time and distance and ended up arriving 5 minutes after close. Bummer! But it certainly looked inviting!

Well we headed back and there was a very tiny family-run winery off an unknown road also selling homemade pastas, pasta sauce and actually real 14 year aged cheddar cheese, this is the real deal! So we decided instead of calling it a waste to pick up some treats for a night-in cooking authentic Italiano pasta with some authentic Vino straight from the winery itself. Well one of my bucket lists was to do a cooking class in Italy, so it would seem fate was handing me another grab-it-and-go opportunity!Untitled2It would seem like Florence was a touch of a bust in terms of sight-seeing, but you know, maybe I didn’t do the “traditional” touristy things and check off all the attractions to blog about 59 million “sights” to MUST see, but I had the exact experience that I had imagined in Florence, ever since my brother travelled there years ago and told me about the amazingness of it and how it was his favourite and I had heard nothing but good things. He might’ve been talking about the different things in the city while I was there imagining myself dancing through fields, running in the sunshine through wineries, dirt roads and tall trees, hills that went on for days and locals laughing over shared wine and bread. Haha imagine my shock if I had arrived bags at the ready smack bang in the middle of the city in search of countryside bliss.10409595_10206620875830169_5046862387846363018_n ???????????????????????????????Untitled

I feel like that saying “life happens when you’re busy making other plans” is so true. If I had all these attractions planned out I might have missed what I had been dreaming of in my head which was by a struck of fate happening right before me. I don’t know if you guys believe in manifestation or not, but I think I got exactly what I had been asking for.???????????????????????????????

Next time though – I’ll make sure I explore the city a little more so my opinions aren’t so bias to the countryside haha! I guess the other reason we were a little less in the city was our unexpected car renting road trip take 3 but this time – to Rome! Our final and funnest road trip – check out The Finale here!!!

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