Sambhar Salt Lake tour & stay by Sambhar Heritage

Not even sure where to begin with this AMAZING hotel! Especially when there are three styles and locations of accommodation to choose from within the Sambhar Lake vicinity. AND! And. I only stayed there ONE night. And I’m completely impressed and dying to hop on a plane back to disconnect and stay for at least a week.

So Sambhar Heritage greeted me at their Heritage Suite site with a traditional drink, featuring salt from the Sambhar Salt Lake and took me on the tour here. Both the Heritage Suites and the Kothi were built in 18th century and you can still see the details in both the décor and the features like the dumb waiter and general layout.

Kothi is also rather rustically romantic but the rooms are a little more spacious, I can see more groups staying here to be close-knit and dine all in the one place with their own privacy.

But whilst I stayed at Sambhar Heritage I stayed in my first ever “glamping” experience in their luxury swiss tents, which they had decorated in ROSE PETALS….like….everywhere!! Too bad I couldn’t indulge in any romance 😛

I enjoyed sunset and checking out all of their beautifully coloured rooms. Honestly, this place could definitely produce a lot of quality insta spots, sorry to look at it that way, but the décor has to be mentioned as WELL above average.

After thoroughly exhausting my camera, happily snapping away, Sambhar Heritage invited me to dinner, sorry, more like a 20-course feast! When I say

I rolled out of there, I mean I barely inched like a turtle trying to move my food coma body in the hazed direction of my room.

When I finally made it back to the room, they had provided robes with my initials! Like….the detail y’all! If I hadn’t been so intent on having Holi in Jaipur the next day, I would’ve cancelled all plans and just stayed and been lulled into the luxurious bliss Sambhar Heritage was seducing me with. Dang!

The next day we woke up early to catch sunrise over the Salt Lake mere metres from the luxury tents and I played around with the drone to get some amazing footage and really showcase just HOW pink that pink salt we all grind on our food actually looks.

I was dying to see some flamingoes but there wasn’t any… this part of the lake 😉

After unnecessarily stuffing my face again at breakfast we then went on Sambhar Heritage’s own special Salt Lake tour with their own TRAIN. Like, what? Where even am I?

We went out to the salt mill and saw them loading carts of salt and one of the workers even scooped out a pound of salt to take back to my family….which I of course made each member of my family lick (the same piece 😊) Sambhar also put on some nibbles for us there and the owner took me around the lake answering any questions about production and history that I had.

Lucky me, I spotted my FLAMINGOES! But, fun fact: Flamingoes are very camera shy/people shy so I couldn’t get close enough to take a pic of them chilling but got a few of them flying around in the air after we accidentally scared the entire flock. Whoops.

In true Holi and Sambhar Heritage style, Sambhar Heritage brought some pink Holi colours and saturated me with it before leaving on my way to experience Holi in Jaipur.

What a team! Can not fault one thing, it was truly just such a well-catered experience and the team were beyond fantastic. The experiences were wonderful, the food, the décor, the rooms – just everything was totally beyond my expectations!

I hadn’t had a massive desire to go to Sambhar other than to try and glimpse some Flamingoes – actually lol. But after seeing the Sambhar Salt Lake and experiencing the wonderful hospitality of Sambhar Heritage I would HIGHLY recommend the trip! It’s a short drive outside of Jaipur and very worth it.

To book your stay and/or your experience with Sambhar Heritage visit here –

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