Going on Safari in Ranthambore was one of the funnest experiences in India, purely for the company I kept and the guides that took us.

I will say, I didn’t see any tigers while I visited Ranthambore. But oh well! I think the tours I booked were a little too last minute to choose the best gates so I would suggest booking your tour ahead so that you don’t miss out.

However, I had a blast! Our first safari took us to Ranthambore Fort, which is STUNNING! It’s like a forgotten city straight out of Tarzan or The Jungle Book. I could see this as a set for the filming of the monkey kingdom in The Jungle Book, honestly was very cool and ancient.

We went at sunset and the lighting was incredible, peacocks were standing everywhere with their silhouettes and feathers glowing in the last light and it all was very picturesque.

My friend and I wandered through the fort and even made it down into the lake area, despite seeing crocodiles in a previous lagoon on the drive-in!

I think Ranthambore Fort was probably my most loved part of visiting Ranthambore.

The next day the safari was great, but it did feel very “rush-to-see-a-tiger” and I get it. That IS why so many come, but I honestly would’ve enjoyed just leisurely driving through the park a bit slower and taking it all in. To put things in perspective, we drove so fast we actually popped a tire and had to take time out of the tour to change it.

I’ve heard similar things from locals and friends that it’s very tiger aggressive as in, if you DO see one, there are so many people shouting and yelling for a photo it takes away from the experience. So I don’t know. How do you really get around that? I guess it depends how desperate you are to see a tiger really.

For me, yeah it would’ve been cool. But the Ranthambore park itself was really vast and beautiful and I would’ve just been happy to be there and enjoy it.

I really loved the stunning palace I stayed in in Ranthambore of Nahargarh Ranthambore and I would still recommend the trip to Ranthambore to maybe indulge at the resort and also go and visit the Ranthambore Fort, a safari is not bad at all, but I would save your $ in terms of a private tour and probably just endure the less comfortable version of a safari bus tour as it’s generally going to be the same thing – only difference is you can’t ask to stop and stage safari photos with just you and your gf LOL!!! Who do we think we are though?! Indiana Janes coming at you!

I honestly had giggles the whole time I was in Ranthambore, which goes along with the age-old saying of it’s more who you’re with not where you go that matters. We made friends with some locals and I loved the road trip from Jaipur to Ranthambore (6 hours) it was nice to see the countryside of India and explore more via road trip journey as well as befriend some of the locals along the drive!

My visit to Ranthambore was courtesy of Janu Private Tours – to book visit –

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