I won’t lie. There are SO many things to do in Hong Kong, it is like you’ve just stepped into this cultural, vibrant, futuristic, island vs. city life and you can virtually do anything you want. The city never sleeps, the smell of dim sum never dims and the shopping is endless.ozone-hong-kong

You could go to Hong Kong and NOT do these things, but you will actually be kicking yourself if you don’t!

1. Mongkok – You’re one-stop-shop to bargain hunting and cheap eats.hong kong mongkokmongkok-hong-kongWhether you want to barter your bargains along Ladies Street or have your space and civilization in Langham Place. Bring your dollar-dollar-bills yo! Cause you are walking away shopper satisfied!

Tip for Street Markets: Bring Cash, Watch your wallet, Go early afternoon to beat crowds, Avoid weekends, BARGAIN your toosh off, sometimes you can even go at least 50% lower! 

2. Victoria Peak – Hong Kong Island Lookout Pointhong kong victoria peak viewWho DOESN’T want to look out over an entire city? In the words of Kanye West – flashing, flashing lights. Also that tram is virtually vertical at one point, there are literally ridges built in for gripping for your feet. So you better get a seat or you are one step away from rock climbing in a tram!

Tip for Victoria Peak: Best time is obvs sunset, however expect at least an hour to two hours of waiting time just to buy your tix and get UP there on the tram, once you’re up – crowd city! If you want to beat the crowds you can go early morn/during the day. 

3. Yum Cha – like it sounds, delicious and cultural!yum-cha-hong-kongYum-ChaIf you are dying for some dim sum or just want to sink your teeth into some cultural cuisine (literally.) Then Yum Cha is sure to impress! I had the pleasure of stumbling upon a restaurant that ONLY spoke Chinese. I unfortunately don’t. So we kinda just played kid and picture picked what looked good. They come in these little steaming baskets that get wheeled around on trolleys – it’s incredibly cheap, delicious, authentic and filling!

Tip: Ask your hotel for some recommendations, you don’t want a dodgy dim sum.

4. Ozone – The World’s HIGHEST Bar. hong-kong-ozonedragontini-hong-kongMake those ears pop! If not for the amazing view alone or the infamous ladies bathroom for selfies over the city but for the drinks good enough to be desserts in a cup! Dragontini – you have stolen my heart. I love Dragonfruit, so this Dragonfruit martini was an easy swallow – basically a sweet, fruity cup of deliciousness. There is another drink called the butterfly effect and it literally changes colours as you pour it! Have fun! Get creative! Enjoy the view!

Tip: Meet Theresa Moon – the lead Bartender/Mixologist – a lot of the drinks are her creations and if you ask her to “surprise you” your taste buds will be blown away! She makes a drink like a head chef would make a meal!

5. Lan Kwai Fong – The FUNNEST nightlife you’ll ever experience.

(Lang Kwai Image Sourced from Google)

I don’t care if you drink, you don’t drink, you dance, you don’t dance. This area is so beyond cool and fun and hip and just amazing to experience! We bar hopped along here, made friends with locals, danced the night away, stopped off for cocktails near HK’s business types, moved on to clubs for a boogie and even just walked the alleyways and cobble pathways with the buzzing night crowds. It’s begging you to have a good time! Do you accept the invite?

Tip: Follow your instincts, if something about a place is pulling you in – go with it! There is literally something for everyone, lounge, bar, restaurant etc etc – you won’t be disappointed. Just walk along until you find YOUR night!


So there you have it! Hanging out in Hong Kong, gettin jiggy with it, eating up a storm then surely shopping up a cyclone! And most of all, having fun just being there! The locals are awesome, everyone wants to see you smile and it is sure to WOW even with a simple stroll down the street!

Have you been to Hong Kong before? What did you get up to? Share your experiences for other readers below…        

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