4 unexpected reasons to visit the UK

It’s holiday season, and (of course) you’ll likely be thinking about potential getaways. One place which may not be on your list (and if not, then why not?!), is the good old United Kingdom.

Stunning all year-round, the UK has some incredible scenery and hundreds of years of history to offer. An estimated 41.7 million tourists visited the UK in 2018, so it must be worthwhile.

If you’re stuck on where your next getaway should be, I’ve rounded up four of the best (and perhaps unexpected) reasons to visit the UK.

1. The coastlines

The UK has some truly stunning coastlines, despite it not being the first place on the globe which springs to mind when someone utters the word ‘beautiful coastline’.

The best coastlines are actually at opposite ends of the country – the very north of Scotland has some really breathtaking beaches, which boast white sands and crystal clear waters. You really would be mistaken for thinking you’ve been transported to the tropical shores of the Caribbean (minus the palm trees and scorching year-round sun). Scotland attracted 3.2 million visitors in 2017, so word must be spreading! Alternatively, if you head right down to the south of England, and you’ll find Cornwall – renowned for its beautiful beaches and seaside vibes. The crowds flock to Cornwall each summer as it’s a huge surfing destination, too, so why not try it out for yourself?

2. The countryside

The UK has a bounteous countryside to be envious of. When I say countryside, I mean lush, green fields, beautiful flowers, and farm animals galore. Spring is probably the best time to visit England when everything comes into bloom.

edinburgh scotland

Alongside this picturesque countryside comes a whole host of adorable little villages, tucked away just waiting to be explored. If you’re the kind of person who loves doing a bit of everything, hire a car and explore the national parks and their surrounding countryside (the Peak and Lake Districts are a must-see). Ireland has some utterly incredible countryside on offer, too. Queue the cobbled streets, cute cottages, and cosy pubs. Perfection.

3. The history

edinburgh castle

If you’re a history buff, the UK certainly has what you’re looking for.

England’s medieval past is dark yet intriguing, and no matter where you go in the country, you’re never too far away from a building older than some countries. If you want to see as much as possible, I’d recommend a trip to London, where hundreds of years’ worth of history is right on your doorstep. Plus, you get to see Buckingham Palace, too.

4. The cities

The UK’s cities are some of the best in the world – even one trip will have you hooked.

Wales has Cardiff, your go-to destination for partying (the Welsh certainly know how to party), or if you want great food, tons of history and striking architecture, Scotland’s Edinburgh is where you’ll find it.

Head to Ireland, the home of Guinness, for exciting cities amongst the lush countryside, and some of the best pubs on the planet. And England itself has multiple cities which just keep on getting better. Nestled in the north of the country, Manchester is the second biggest city and rivals London with its nightlife, top-class restaurants, and shopping.

However, London really is like no other city in the world. Some of the best shops, bars, clubs, and restaurants in the world can be found in this bustling metropolis. Just don’t forget to round your trip off with a classic dish: fish and chips.

So where are you off to? Personally I can see myself cozying up with a hot cuppa in the Highlands or road tripping the coast of Ireland and stumbling across something unexpected – finding those TRUE hidden gems.

Have you visited the UK? If so, where have you been and why would you recommend it? Comment below!

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