barbados calabaza cruises (17)barbados calabaza cruises (9)Imagine sailing the tropical waters of the Caribbean on a hot summers day with nothing but clear sea underneath your toes, as you let your legs drift off the end of the luxury catamaran of Calabaza Cruises, and sail through the island of Barbados with a gal pal by your side and two servings of coconut rum and sprite in your hands. Well in my case, I didn’t have to imagine, I had to PINCH myself to make sure I wasn’t imagining, with every second sentence amongst the passengers something along the lines of “Isn’t this the best?” Indeed it absolutely was!

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barbados calabaza cruises (4)As soon as we boarded the fancy Catamaran in Barbados, we were completely chuffed with the fresh serving of coffee, banana bread, fresh fruit and just when we thought the nibbles were subsiding, barbados calabaza cruises (2)warm bacon and egg mini croissants were presented! Mmmm, give me food and coffee first thing of the day and I’m one happy lass!


Our first stop was a short sail to Carlisle Bay to snorkel, swim with turtles and if you were lucky, nabbed a bit of turtle food from Bobby to even feed one or two! After the delicious dip in the refreshing Barbados sea, it was time for our next snorkel stop to not one, not even two, but three shipwrecks! The first was filled with colorful coral, tropical fish and sea anemone’s that as Chris the instructor took hold of our fingers and swam us down to, closed in around our pointer fingers with a sucking sensation. I mean, who can say you’ve had your finger tickled by an anemone resting on a shipwreck in Barbados? We can!

shipwreck barbadosThe next shipwreck I was a bit of a daredevil and swam through the rusted square holes of the front of the ships frame, got a bit of rust on my swimmers but not to worry, it’s all in the name of memories isn’t it?! Definitely had some mermaid moments in the water, swimming through the fish, shipwreckthe ship and hunting for treasures. Just like Ariel and Flounder. We were the last to board the boat having a bit too much fun in the sun but it was time to head to the beach.

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barbados calabaza cruises (6)The captain of the Catamaran, Shaun let us pretend to drive the boat as they unraveled the masts of the catamaran so we could drift along with the winds until we reached Paynes Bay Beach. Fact: RiRi’s apartment is right next to this beach so I know where I’ll be come Christmas! Before reaching the bay, Zoe and I sat at the back of the boat on the bottom steps with barbados calabaza cruises (8)our legs in the water, drifting along the sea as we sailed through Barbados, laughing hysterically at what would happen if one of us slipped off and absolutely loving the service of beverages being brought to us just in case the coconut rum was looking a little scarce in our glasses!

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Once we reached the beach, it was my favourite past time aside from traveling – eating! What a spread! I hadn’t had good spices like that in a meal in a long time, it was a very authentic Barbados style lunch, causing Zoe to ask for a to-go box at the end! After lunch, Shaun designed me a plastic bag, cup and second plastic bag casing for my not-so-waterproof camera so I could swim with the noodle-floats with one arm in the air to make our way from the catamaran to the beach!barbados calabaza cruises (16)barbados calabaza cruises (12)

barbados calabaza cruises (11)barbados calabaza cruises (14)The beach itself was so beautiful and almost deserted making it completely ours to explore and enjoy! To say we got a few happy snaps would be an understatement, but hey, what’s a travel blogger with a camera to do in times like this? That’s the difference when you just take the girls, no one will say no to an impromptu beach photo shoot! I mean, when we’re in Barbados and all…..may as well!

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barbados calabaza cruises (19)Sadly it was about that time, I battled the one arm swim again back to the cat’, rinsed off with the hose and settled down to some homemade desserts for the sail back to the dock. We convinced Shaun to pump the tunes and chatted with the fellow travelers on board while we dried off with the breezy afternoon wind in our hair and irrevocable smiles on our faces. And….a few more coco rum and sprites – treat yoself!

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I couldn’t stop beaming even after being dropped back to the port in Barbados, it truly was SUCH an AMAZING day in Barbados with Calabaza Cruises. The food, the environment, the snorkeling and definitely the staff absolutely made the day and most importantly, made the memories I’ll have with me forever! I would definitely recommend this as an unforgettable and unregrettable way to spend your day in Barbados, in fact, some other travelers we met were on the same excursion for the second time that week! I would go back again a zillion times and truly want to thank Calabaza Cruises for the invite and a spectacular day well-spent in the beauty of Barbados!

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