DSC01665I’m dying to see the rest of Barbados, but I jusssst can’t seem to drag myself away from this place! The beautiful beach of The Boatyard Barbados offers so much fun in the sun it’s overwhelming, I literally felt like a kid again, or maybe in an adult playground since I don’t remember any sirens for free shots to get poured in your mouth when I was a kid 😉 Not that you can’t totally FEEL like a kid again with the water trampolines, blow-up iceberg (which is actually way more difficult to climb then it looks) a rope swing, podium jump and if you take your wristbands off, you can even do a little bit of jetskiing.


DSC01659The hourly shots aren’t the only thing that’s free, the main event is the FREE turtle snorkel The Boatyard Barbados offers to all guests with your entry. I’ve never seen turtles swim up to people so close and if you’re friendly enough to the guide, he may even lend you a piece of crab meat to feed them for that great GoPro shot!


DSC01660How it works: You pay $20USD to get in, which gives you your umbrella chairs, free wifi, a free shuttle back to your cruise ship if that’s where you’re hailing from, the free turtle swim, free shots at the bar AND the same $20USD credit to use AT the bar….wait, what? You’re basically getting a whole bunch of free is what it is. The food is amazing too and go down nicely with a fresh bucket of Carib Beer for you and your gang, so it’s pretty easy to spend up the 20!


DSC01646After all the activities and you’ve snorkeled your little heart out, you can relax, drink a little too much and get your groove on to the live DJ on the Boatyard Barbados stage, which I hear also throw raves from time to time….maybe it’s a good thing I have to board back on the boat by 4:00pm or I may be there from dusk til dawn… DSC01662

DSC01643But honestly, the funnest thing about The Boatyard Barbados is hanging there with a great group of friends and even friendlier Boatyard Staff who will remember your name, shot of choice, spot of choice and be sure to come out to your umbrella to say G’day and bring the fun to you! It’s never anything less than a great beach day here, maybe one of these years I’ll see what else Barbados has to offer, but for now, The Boatyard Barbados is where it’s at!


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