Why is GitGit a must? I know it’s a wee bit of a drive if you’re staying in Central Bali, but there’s the beauty of it, you’re in BALI, you know, the island where you can get from one end to the other in a maximum of four hours, the likelihood of having the same pro’s in every other country you head to are on the slimmer side so usssseeee it! We personally combined Air Panas and GitGit in the one day trip seeing as we were up that way anywho, so there’s a tip for you if you’re thinking on it!


DSC01757Our wonderful driver Nyoman Suastika from Bali Bliss Tours drove us to the carpark entry point before egging us on to go on our lonesomes down the 15-20 minute pathway to GitGit waterfall. It’s a beautiful walk through jungle forests and local’s stall goods (I ended up getting a beautiful silk kimono and hand-knitted crochet bikini – each for AU$10.00!!) 



The best thing about GitGit being at the top of Bali is the latter, people are um-ing and ah-ing on whether to make the trip so…it’s pretty deserted…for now 😉 after taking in some drool-worthy landscape on the trip down you come to some beautifully carved gate-statues at the entry point where you can get your first little glimpse of the very impressive waterfalls! The air already feels crisper and the smell is more refreshing then if you shoved your face in a bowl of cucumbers!


You can check out the little creeks, temple statues, ponds and walk further down the stream to where the water is a little deeper, if you’re feeling brave enough you can even go for a little dip!


There’s a nice viewing deck where you can sit for as long as you desire and just take in the raw beauty of this waterfall. This is gonna sound cheesy, but for me, I felt so connected, I’m sure I can be a little hippie-dippy at times, but it really was humbling for me, to see something non man-made just thundering through the earth’s greens and powering onto the rocks beneath it, when you walk even as far as 7 metres from it you’re literally getting drenched from the ‘splash zone’ and the rush from the stream creates a strong wind blowing the hair off your face. You just stand there, smiling like a goofball, and taking it all in. (eyes closed optional)

DSC01772 Its a must for you if:

– you simply love and can appreciate nature

– you want an easy walk with a BIG climax

– you want to see a little more of Bali then the average “Kuta-venturing” tourist

– you want that little eyes-lit-up ‘wow’ moment

– you prefer to shower via waterfall then hotel bathroom


Honestly GitGit got me good and I highly recommend you see it. It was beautiful, simple yet sizeable, refreshing and crisper then the chips you’re munching on….mmmm……chips…

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  • Reply Maz February 17, 2015 at 12:20 pm

    Looks awesome and I bet it beats the Falls at Topanga Canyon hands down lol!

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