Okay, so they are not actually THAT hot! But they are culturally delicious and simmering with silky, sulphur springs! It is said that the volcanic originated water was used in World War II to cure skin problems as well as rheumatic ailments, the locals often come now for therapeutic swims and to watch the tourists come “to cleanse their sins” – so naturally, RJ had to sit under the fountains a little longer 😉 I’M TEASING!!! Lol!


Banjar is about a two and a half to three hour drive from Seminyak, I’m not gonna lie, the roads get a little curvy (I’m using curvy because I can not figure out how to spell windy without it seeming like the wind….winding….whindy? ughhhh #blogprobs) So if you are prone to car sickness I would take a few motion sickness tablets beforehand, BUT, that view!!! I mean my gosh, you are literally driving through clouds at one point, through the jungles of Bali and then all of a sudden you will get to an open clearing and have a jaw-dropping, eye-popping view of the island of Bali, it’s soooo beautiful! So 2.5-3 hours later and one dose of car sickness (I’ll know for next time!) we arrive at Air Panas Banjar!! The lush jungle around us makes it feel like you are in a season of lost in the BEST way, tropical jungle fever and ridiculously huge smiles all around! We buy our entrance tickets and make our way through the locals markets – Tourist Tip: Let them know you might be back to look after, that way you can get through haggle-free, or just a polite no thank-you, if you are wanting to buy bring your bargain skills, there’s tourist rates and then there’s local rates, nothing should be over $10.00, but always start lower – be one with the local rates!)


???????????????????????????????Entering through the carved, gate walls and on to the steps you can already see the green sulphuric water and Naga’s (Dragon Carving that the water runs from to represent the good spirit cleansing you) You have to walk up through the forest-kissed pathway to get around to the pools, there are changing rooms and locker facilities, lockers are 3,000 RP – US 0.30c and a cozy restaurant – with wifi!


???????????????????????????????I didn’t waste any time getting my cleanse on! The largest of the three pools was the coolest, but still luke warm, while the top rectangle pool was much warmer, approx 37 degrees Celsius. The third pool off to the side has more of a waterfall feature for the three spouts which makes it more of a massage when the stream hits you! The best time to go is early in the morning, which means leaving Seminyak area around 6:00am latest. It then becomes your own private hot springs, for about half an hour anyway, and you can Instagram your little travelling heart out!


???????????????????????????????Make sure you check out the temple above the pool area, it’s very peaceful and quiet, you can definitely feel a good energy around it, a lot of the temples in Bali will either be fully gated to keep the grounds sacred or partially gated like this one, so you can still enter a little bit and experience the culture, meditate, yogi-yourself-silly or just enjoy the general beauty of it.


??????????????????????????????? ???????????????????????????????

???????????????????????????????I love the detailing that goes into each carving and just how cultural Bali is in general, it really shows through their efforts in making such beautiful statues, temples, sacred grounds and meaningful monuments that when you run your hands across the century old, mossy covered rock carvings you can’t help wonder all of the others that have run their hands across the same piece, giving such a sense of connection and appreciation.

Thanks for the cleanse Air Panas, I will be back again if I get up to more mischief! No, no, no, only kidding, I will be back just because it’s down-right wonderful!



What I learnt today:

“Selemat Pagi! Saya Sekarang Berada Di Air Panas Banjarrrr!”

“Good Morning. I am here at Air Panas Banjar”

And I was.

And it was awesome!


*Balinese courtesy of our wonderful driver Nyoman Suastika from Bali Bliss Tours – you can book your driver and tour guide from 


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