A Few Fun Things To Do In Sydney

Sydney, Australia is a city most everyone can appreciate on some level. We think of the Opera House, the massive harbour, the famous Harbour Bridge, and, for those old enough to remember, the 2000 Summer Olympics. We might imagine some of the televised fireworks displays that welcome in the New Year in Sydney before just about any other place on Earth. Or we might simply think of the idea of friendly Australian locals mingling with tourists from all over the world. All in all it’s quite an appealing image!

Still, it’s mostly focused on things to see, and a general vibe. When it comes to what you can actually do on a vacation to Sydney, you might need to do a little more research. Well, you can start right here with my look at a few really fun things to do around town.

See A Show (At The Opera House)

The Opera House is a visual landmark recognized around the world. It’s indelibly attached to the city, and without it Sydney would look naked (or at least much less unique). It’s almost such an iconic image, however, that you can easily forget it’s functional. The simple fact is that the Opera House is about as extraordinary inside as out, and there are all kinds of shows that take place there (as in, it’s not just opera). Seeing a show of any kind there will just feel like a special experience, like seeing a play at the Globe Theatre in London, or having a pastry and a coffee on top of the Eiffel Tower in Paris.

Hang Out At The Beach(es)

Sydney has some of the most famous and inviting beaches in Australia, which needless to say is a pretty big statement. Granted if you’re looking for total tranquility you might want to head elsewhere – but Sydney isn’t that crowded. Its beaches are wonderful to hang out at. Bondi is the most famous of the bunch, but there are others every bit as much. If you have the time, visiting a few different beaches on a few different days is a nice way to experience all the city has to offer.

Take A Balloon Ride

It’s not right in town, but the nearby hot air balloon rides over Camden Valley are highly regarded tourist activities. The balloons go up early, such that you get to watch the sun rise over the valley from the air in an experience that’s every bit as breathtaking as it sounds.

Check Out The Casino

The gaming and betting culture in Australia is interesting. On the one hand, sports are quite big throughout Australia, and this side of casino activity exists primarily online. There are lots of different betting sites to compare if you’re simply looking to wager on popular sporting activity while you’re in town, be it an average Aussie Rules Football game or something like the Australian Open in Melbourne. If you’re more into casino gaming, however, Sydney has some in-person answers. There are a few fun casinos in town, highlighted by The Star. It’s a sleek, high-end hotel/casino venue near the water, and a great stop on a night out in town.

Walk Around Paddy’s Market

City markets are commonly recommended to tourists, and with good reason. They can be somewhat busy and crowded at times, but they also give you some of the best chances to soak up a city’s character, or in some cases its history. In this case, it’s both. Paddy’s Market is soon going to be approaching its 200th anniversary as an outdoor shopping area for more or less anything you could imagine. It’s busy but charming, and it’s a staple feature of the city.

Enjoy Some Fine Dining

Sydney has become something of a hub for gourmet dining. While it’s perfectly possible to find a great meal on the cheap side while you’re out and about, it’s also almost a shame to visit Sydney without trying some of its fine dining establishments, some of which are run by famous chefs. Browse through the best restaurants in Sydney and you’ll see an incredible mix of cuisines, venue styles, locations, etc. It’s just a great foodie city, and while you don’t want to spend a fortune on food alone, one or two nice meals out should enhance the experience.

Ride-a-long to Luna Park!

A short hop, skip and a ferry across that gorgeous Sydney Harbour and you’re a kid again! Luna Park is a well-known spot amongst sydney-siders and a great way to lose yourself a bit while on holiday, if you’re there with friends, family, kids or solo travelling, it’s a great way to spend a day at this carnival style theme park and see a different side to Sydney with a perfectly relaxing cruise ride on the ferry to get over there, plus, who doesn’t love a theme park these days?!


Well there you have it guys, just a few tips on how to spend your time in Sydney when you’re visiting beautiful Australia!


*This is a collaboration post with Thomas Reed*


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