kurandakuranda-cairnskuranda-railway-viewWho am I? I rush through Rainforests and escape the sun’s rays, although it still sometimes peaks through, but I don’t mind, I’m used to it. I can carry the weight of 10,000 men or more and whistle at ease as I do so, in fact it brings me joy to be able to move them so quickly. Although I’m over 100 years old, I am just as strong and fast as I’ve ever been, my wheels churn and my head drags my feet upwards, while my feet push my head downwards. I’m always moving forward, even if it’s in the same direction that I’m used to. I visit the mountains every day and I’ll enjoy a photo-shoot by the waterfall at least once. I’m always up for meeting new faces and won’t say no to the odd Champagne & Anzac biscuit. My job is to journey. And when you’re with me, your job is to journey too. Who am I? things-to-do-in-cairnskuranda trainksr

The train on Kuranda Scenic Railway of course! 

things to do in cairnsDid you ever used to do those as a kid? I loved those types of poems/stories! Well I had never been to Cairns before and I had heard that the scenic route from Cairns to Kuranda was a must! Kuranda Scenic Railway is beyond beautiful, winding through the rainforest and catching glimpses of waterfalls and plant life. Hearing the history as you go through all 15 tunnels and without even realizing it, arrive 328 metres above sea level to get a breath of fresh air by the Barron Falls.

kuranda-gold-classgold-class-kuranda-scenic-railwayIf you’re lucky enough to score a seat in Gold Class on the Kuranda Scenic Railway, you’ll get to relax with refreshments and classic Aussie pastries and treats, it’s not super packed so you can relax into the cushioned arm chairs and listen to the chirping Rainforest sounds around you as you go from open paddock sunlight, to fresh and shaded forest lush, having enough room to jump from side to side as you spot waterfall to lookout point along the KSR! (Kuranda Scenic Railway) cairns-waterfallkuranda-scenic-railway-lookoutkuranda-waterfallmytravelationThere’s lots of cute markets when you arrive in Kuranda, it was so sticky hot we ended up staying in some just to enjoy the fans inside! I bought a few organic made facial creams (and Ice Cream) I was dying to go on a croc-spotting tour but didn’t have enough time due to other arrangements that afternoon.


kuranda-skyrailkuranda-skyrail-viewkuranda-skyrail-cairnsskyrail-kurandaskyrailYou can then mix it up on your route back down by taking the Kuranda Skyrail instead of the Kuranda Scenic Railway which still passes along a similar route but this time you get the birds-eye view as you cross over lakes and spot the tips of the trees that were earlier shading you along the train ride. I had never seen lush forest on a straight level so high up before, it was like looking out into a suspended field of grass, except they were tree-tops instead!kuranda-trainkuranda-scenic-railway-stopkuranda-rainforestcairnsIt’s definitely named correctly as it sure is Scenic! It’s a great contrast to your beach days and reef dives to get stuck into some lush life of greens and scenery while you’re in Cairns! Also, to see another nearby town and tick off a few Northern Queensland towns in the one holiday trip by checking out what Kuranda has to offer kuranda scenic railwayhas gotta be a bonus in itself – you just get a really pretty and scenic way of getting there! I would recommend taking a day out during your Cairns stay to take the trip on the Kuranda Scenic Railway (Gold Class if you can afford it) and come back via the Skyrail just to take in some beautiful sights, the cute and quaint town of Kuranda and maybe if you have more time than I did, work in some crocodile-spotting while you’re up there!  kuranda-scenic-railway

Visit for timetables, ticketing and more!

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