great-barrier-reef-clamscuba-divingwater-photography great-barrier-reef-blue-yellow-fish I just want to be a mermaid and live in the Great Barrier Reef forever. Soooo, I’m not gonna sell you on the Great Barrier Reef, for one, I’ve already done so before and for two, chances are, you ALREADY have it on several of your bucket lists and are just dying to go. Which brings us to a very crucial decision. WHO are you going to choose to go with?

 down-under-diveAllow me to idown-under-cruise-and-diventroduce you to Down Under Cruise & Dive! First of all, they have a brand spankin’ new boat and they’re not afraid to cruise it. (Get it ;P so punny!!) Secondly, they have a massive amount of staff and crew, all there to ensure you have an awesome, serviced and most importantly safe day. They’re actually all so hilarious too, cracking the jokes, getting you confident out in the water and making sure you’re always accounted for! Wouldn’t want to make like ‘Deep Blue Sea’ and leave anyone behind!

great-barrier-reef-coralnemolove-heart-shaped-coralYou want to go with a cruise operator, who knows the area, who isn’t going to take you to over populated areas either so you can really enjoy your space (not that space is hard to come by in the Great Barrier Reef!) you want a reliable boat, friendly staff, great equipment and more than enough food and beverages to satisfy any sailor!scuba-diving-great-barrier-reefgreat barrier reef coralThe Great Barrier Reef is usually a once in a lifetime dream for most people so you want to make the most of it. Snorkeling is amaaaazing, especially if you’re like me and you don’t mind holding your breath to get up and close with the top-layer coral. It’s like free-diving but only ever 2-3 metres. Fun fun fun! There’s a lot of cool colorful fish to spot and if you’re not the strongest swimmer there’s those friendly staff again happy to jump in the water with a flotation device to help you out!

great-barrier-reefgreat barrier reef snorkelBut, if you’re keen as a bean, then you simply must try the Scuba Diving darling! I did. Twice! If you’re not certified I would definitely recommend going twice as the first time it’s mandatory to hold on to your instructor and you see a lot but you’re more focused on getting used to it, then you have to turn around as it’s only 30 minutes. But your second dive is 45 (or maybe an hour if you’re the lucky last dive group….heyyyoooo) and you also can be a free bird or mermaid rather and really sink your scuba mask in to what the Great Barrier Reef has to offer! You see more as you’re just exploring and living life under da seaaaa!great-barrier-reef-snorkelseafood buffetI swear I spent the whole time in the water, the only time I got out was to dig in to the buffet lunch, where I may or may not have ruined it by putting hot chilli sauce on my meat instead of tomato, woooops, but I still ate it all and then passed out on the bean bags up the top deck for a quick little nap until it was time to hit the water again!kookai-swimwear

watermelonTopping off the day with a salty breeze in our hair, sunkissed skin, a cracked-open corona and memories of The Great Barrier Reef for a lifetime – sounds like perfection? It’s only cause it is! Go, swim, be free my fellow readers. Go to the Great Barrier Reef but go wisely and choose a trusted cruise operator like my pals here at Down Under Dive –

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    OMG you always make these adventures look so inviting .Love the video Love the photos and the information you write about and the way you write is exceptional! Makes one feel like they’re living the experience with you as well as being so useful. Thanks 🙂

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