queenslandthings to do in cairnsflyboard cairns flyboardYou’ve already set aside your ‘sea time’ while up in the Tropical North Queensland with the Great Barrier, but with such pristine waters in Cairns, surely venturing to them once simple ISN’T enough! So what other unique, once in a lifetime activities can you experience in the waters down under that’s worthy of a postcard home to? You can snowboard on snow, you can even wake board on water, but until stumbling along this awesome, fun-in-the-sun activity, I had no idea you could FLYBOARD until meeting the friendly folks at FlyBoard Cairns! It’s just you, your helmet and your hose connected to the jetski giving you the power to shoot you sky high, just like the way you’ve practiced using your spy-gadget jetpack in your very own action movie, don’t lie, I know you’ve thought about it!


flyboarding cairnsI know what you’re wondering, “I have to be super skilled/coordinated to do this” and I’m here to let you know, I’m the clumsiest person I know and even I was up there acting like I’d been doing it for years, it’s easier than it looks and if you’re still worried, don’t be, FlyBoard Cairns has a fly or free guarantee, just for assurance that you will most definitely get your monies worth!

fly boarding

You start in the water, obvs, and you feel the jetski start to power the jets underneath your board, you just let it push you forward like you’re lazy swimming 😉 then when you feel ready, it’s as simple as putting your feet underneath you like you’re ready to stand-up in a pool – then up up up you go!


flyboard cairnsOnce I got used to the feel of being up there I tried a few recommended tricks such as ‘Bird of Prey’ where you swoop down real quick to the water by dropping your knees and then kick your feet out again just before you hit it to shoot you back up – just like a seagull does when swooping down to get some fish! Makes sense! The other FlyBoard Cairns recommended trick I’ll admit I wasn’t too great at, I put it down to my sub-par twerking abilities, it’s virtually dolphin diving up and out, up and out, but I just couldn’t get the bend in my tooshie right, my good pal Maddie who came along definitely could though! So much, that she may be scouted for the womens FlyBoard Cairns team, dreams can happen people!

fly board

Most importantly, for me, I had FUN! SO much fun! It was something I’d never experienced or even heard of, definitely easy and safe to do, a great memory to talk about from my vacay to Cairns and above all, a unique way for me to experience the stunning waters and scenery of Cairns from a different perspective, after all, isn’t that what travelling is all about? Discovering new things? Recommending new things? Sharing new experiences? It’s your Cairns holiday, make it count by getting the most out of it with FlyBoard Cairns!


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