Conway Beach: such a do, please, please trust me, it’s such a do!! And to think we almost gave this little treasure a miss! I can honestly say it’s one of the most beautiful beaches I have ever seen, and I grew up on the Gold Coast!

10665706_10153261834237646_2395133702453057765_n 1907914_10153261833577646_1053978593995420792_nThose island like leaning palm trees? Check! Crystal Clear waters that are amazingly, tropically warm? Check! Random coconuts sprawled across the white sand? Check! Practically deserted so it feels like your own private island? Check! Rope swing for your convenience at the  entrance to the beach? CHECK! And that last one wasn’t even on my must-have list (totally kidding, it was amazing, like the added touch when a hotel leaves chocolates on your pillow!) this beach blew me away, and what’s great is it’s a short drive from my next fave…10407438_10153261833997646_6126726377994365311_nDSCN0332

DSCN0330DSCN0324Cedar Creek Falls: now I’ll admit it was a little less falls and a little more creek because we went in summer when it’s hot hot hot but it’s soooo beautiful! You’re in    this tropical rainforest and it opens up into a beautiful rock clearing with your own little private Swiss-family-Robinson creek to play in (the only creatures are little  yabbies that may tingly nip at your tooshie but a group of English girls we met informed me it’s the same type of tadpoley creatures that Asian countries use for  those feet spa pedicures, completely harmless!) again it was practically deserted, making it so peacefully serene, I loved going from total Whitsunday beach bum to  jungle chick in one short drive, it just really shows the diversity the islands have to offer!


DSCN0347Hideaway Bay/Monte’s: have you heard of Monte’s restaurant? Because anyone and everyone I have spoken to about Airlie Beach has and for great reason! That    restaurant could easily never advertise again and be bustling from such amazing referrals! This place is a little slice of heaven, the food is to die for, the cocktail  selection is portable to the beach, the restaurant is ON the beach with beautiful lanterns and fairy lights decorating the lush trees, the sun sets perfectly in between the bay borders like it was made to set there for your viewing pleasure and it is unquestionably THE BEST way to finish your day with a sunset cocktail and dinner on the beautiful bay restaurant! Definitely a must! You won’t regret it! P.S. The drive is a little off road but pretty cool, let me know your thoughts of “oh-my-god-hill” I’ll be waiting!


1900554_10205263240890144_1331352389964659427_o1900554_10205263240890144_1331352389964659427_oColonial Palms Motor Inn: no wonder this is the best rated and best priced hotel on trip advisor, service, service, service! John, the manager, is amazing, he upgraded us to a larger room leading right out to the pool area when I told him we had extra friends joining, he gave us great tips when we got there about montes, cedar creek falls, car hire and much more, he checked us in at 9am when our check in was 2pm, always offering helpful tips whenever we wandered past and always made sure we were looked after. It’s a short 5-10 minute max walk into town, the marina for boat departure is right across the road but pick up is available too and since it’s the last point of pick up for the cruise since it’s the closet you get to enjoy the complimentary continental breakfast a little longer too! The pool is sensational, the rooms were lovely and all-in-all was a perfect find and bang for your buck in one!


DSCN0426DSCN0430Actual Airlie Beach: right? No brainer! So heaps of people said it’s a little rocky/pebbly but you know what, that’s what I loved about it! Especially during low tide! It was a beach mixed with a marina, there was a bridge, a bay, various tropical trees and if you really aren’t rock-friendly they have a man-made lagoon up from the rocks outside some amazing cafés that can set you right into holiday mode! I think what I’m trying to say is….Airlie gets an A+ from me! Thank you, thank you, thank you for a wonderful time! See you again soon!

DSCN0320 (2)


P.S. If you haven’t checked it out yet, here is my Great Barrier Reef post with video of our trip to the Whitsundays!

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