tangaloomabeach-holidayaustraliatropical-getawayTrust Australia to have a wild dolphin resort for your travel pleasure! Moreton island is such a great little escape for the city dwellers of South East Queensland! It’s not quite as paradise-worthy atangalooma-ferrys the Whitsundays in Northern QLD but it comes oh-so-close and when your face to face with dolphins, sea turtles and wobblegong Sharks at the off-shore shipwreck – you may just forget about the great tropical north all together and revel in your mermaiding adventures! couples-retreat

Itangalooma-dolphin have to tell you the funniest tale! Actually TWO funny tales! Well dolphin-resort-feedingthe second isn’t so much funny but just really interesting, so I’ll start with that! When I was 15 I came to Tangalooma at Moreton Island on a family holiday, every evening they have the wild dolphin feeding where actual wild dolphins have gotten use to the time of day and will make the journey over to the Tangalooma shores for the tourists to wade into the water with slimy stinky fish in hand to get their travel pic up close and personal with some of Australia’s finest! I was watching the sunset on a hammock with an island friend I’d made and we saw the fins making their way across to the beach – I had read somewhere that they respond to the vibrations in the water the way they use their sonar radar so I thought I would be impressive and waddled in knee depth and started splashing tangalooma-dolphinsmy fingers in the water, one stopped and turned to dolphin-feedingme and started pelting my way full steam ahead I was so freaked out from the fin darting straight at me that I screamed and ran out, immediately I regretted it, I could’ve had my own private one-on-dolphin time sans resort staff! Always something I look back on and think “Mannnnnnn be cool!” (p.s. only have this really crappy, blurry, pixelated photo, kudos of camera quality in the late 2000’s)

shipwreck-snorkellingTkayak-tangalooma-islandhe NEXT funny story was one recently when I came here with RJ, we were kayaking out to the shipwreck to go for a snorkel and I was hoping to see some reef sharks (clearly gotten over my fin phobia) there was quite a strong current so we had to pull our kayak up onto some of the coral to keep it from floating away while we swam around the shipwreck snorkeling – I saw a fin and yelled to RJ – “Look! Look! A fin!” And started swimming towards it, he freaked out and started trying to swim away – shipwreck-tangaloomagoing against the current, getting nowhere fast and totally petrified he was going to get eaten alive in the dangerous Aussie waters 😉 I put my lifeguard skills to the test and dragged him into shore by his life jacket so he could snorkel in the shallows while I swam the 100 meters back out to our parked kayak to bring it back to shore for us – I totally felt like the hero! Pulling out my most Australian accent “No bloody worries mate, she’ll be right!” Yeah, no biggie…us Aussies brush shoulders with the Sharks all the time, we laugh in the face of death! Muahahaha! It was a crack-up!

On the way back we saw a mumma and baby turtle surface for some air – it was the coooooolest thing ever! I wish I just lived in the ocean and could just watch all the action all the time!
parasailingHowever, if you’re more of a land lover there are tonsof things you can do – we played a game of mini golf, made like Robin Hood and played bow and arrows (which I can honestly say I am atrocious at – WARNING: Doquad-bike-beach not come close if i have a bow in hand!) You can rent quad bikes and drive around the island – they give you these really cool hairnets to wear under your helmet, sanitary AND sexy! You can hike up the highest sand dune and roll down sideways in a race with your brother and sand-schnitzel yourself, then if all that still leaves you wanting more, you can get off land and sea and go parasailing over the island – birds really do have the best eye-view! And I mean they’re rainbow colored soooo….that’s a win in my books! sand-dunes-australia

tropical-queenslandYou can rent villas for week long vacays, you can stay central hotel for just a nice long weekend or if you don’t want to fork up the accom you can just visit for a day trip from Brisbane on the 45min ferry at 8:00am dropping tangalooma-poolyou back by 6:00pm – a one-day holiday? Now no one has the excuse “I don’t have TIME for a holiday” Everybody has a weekend – there’s a funner way you could be spending yours!

island-sunset-australiamoreton-islandIparasailing-moreton-island love Tangalooma so much, there’s definitely a reason I’m always being pulled to come back, white sandy beaches, wake-up calls from Kookaburras, swim-ins with wild dolphins and potential rescue opportunities for your travel partner 😉 it’s an action-filled, sun-spilled, relaxation destination that’s a hop, skip and a jump away for your short-but-needed quick tropical getaway! As Nike would say: just DO it!


tangalooma-moreton-island  tangalooma-wild-dolphin-resort

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