DSC06702 (1024x576)DSC06549 (1024x576)DSC06707 (1024x576)DSC06565 (1024x576)We had a last minute invite from Rome Cavalieri to enjoy a stay there overnight, which resulted in us deciding on a spontaneous Road Trip from Florence to Rome! It was beyond worth the three hour drive to arrive at five stars of heaven.

We drove up the long Richie-Rich-manor-like driveway and had our car parked by the Valet and headed in to the stunningly decorated, marble coated lobby. Waiting in line for check-in we were asked for our name in line and moments later were escorted to the private VIP check-in area. Well la di da! I was already impressed with the surprise and enjoyed our quiet little check-in area with choice of complimentary beverage. Our room actually wasn’t ready just yet so we tried insisting we would be fine to come back later and go explore but no no, the staff at Rome Cavalieri put on the impressing hat yet again and swapped another guests exact room to ours as they hadn’t arrived for check-in yet.

We were then told we would have access to the two VIP areas of the Spa and Wellness Club as well as the Imperial Club (executive lounge) usually costing a hefty upgrade for the Imperial Club and a 20euro charge per person for Private Spa club so again with the nice surprises! We were then escorted up to our suite by one of the staff members and were absolutely blown away by our room! It boasted absolutely stunning views of not only the pool grounds below but also an outlook on to the entire of Rome City!DSC06547 (1024x576)DSC06544 (1024x576)The bathroom was one of the best features, completely decadent Rome style, beautiful white, blue and gold marble carvings and one of those old-fashioned phone-style hanging shower hoses over the bath tub. It definitely oozed the swanky factor!DSC06731 (1024x576)The view though was that complete smile beaming, wow whispering, pinch myself feeling of being in total amazement of your hotel room. If you haven’t had that feeling before, Rome Cavalieri is sure to give it to you within moments of your arrival!DSC06575 (1024x576)DSC06555 (1024x576)And that bed!!!! Me oh my! I had THE best sleep in that hotel bed. Ohhhhh lawwwwd. You know those beds that have pillows and covers that feel like soft memory foam just melting around your body and fitting your exact shape, with a little bit of weight to it so you feel completely comfortable but still soft and fluffy and puffy like a princess (or prince) bed, well that was THIS bed except I promise you I felt it grab me when I tried to leave lol! It was one of the best sleeps I’ve had in a long time!

Just as we were about to exit our gorgeous room to go exploring we heard a knock on the door. Some beautiful flowers had been sent up for us! I felt suuuuper special and sent a quick thank you email to our organizer and that I was already utterly impressed with the amount of VIP service I was getting – for just one night! I mean wow! When do they roll out the red carpet? Lol! It honestly felt like I was being courted by this stunning hotel, pulling out all the stops for lil ol me 😉DSC06717 (1024x576)DSC06712 (1024x576)DSC06701 (1024x576)DSC06699 (1024x576)We spent hours outside in Rome exploring the city, which you can check out here, up until the sun was setting and I remembered the stunning view we had that I was dying to capture for sunset! So we grabbed a taxi back to our hotel and arrived to yet ANOTHER sweet surprise, literally, sweet. Chocolate covered strawberries mmmm my favourite! Accompanied with a bottle of chilled champagne, well if that’s not a pleasant top off to a wonderful day I don’t know what is! It was beyond amazing and impressive, I see what they’re doing here, making me want to never leave, I get it, smooth Rome Cavalieri, verrrrrry smooth.DSC06734 (1024x576)DSC06738 (1024x576)We decided to head up to the Imperial Club for a light dinner and evening cocktails, all free of charge of course, perks of being an Imperial Club member! It was so relaxing and a perfect evening in after a day of cramming in as much Roma exploring as possible!

Just cause we wanted the relaxation to be pouring out of us and don’t believe in overkill we decided to top it all off with a late night steam and Jacuzzi session in the Spa and Wellness club! We were those obnoxious people that wear the robes around the hotel to our private club Spa session, as they say, when in Rome? Haha but in all seriousness I was just overwhelmed with the pampering lifestyle and wanted to experience as much of the VIP treatment that Rome Cavalieri had to offer, you know, purely for journalistic purposes of course 😉

The next morning the only thing pulling me out of that wonderful bed so early in the morning was the promise of as quoted by the check-in reception the day earlier “everything you could imagine eating is there” really….anything? Well let’s go see shall we?DSC06743 (1024x576)
DSC06744 (1024x576)Firstly I’m seated wherever I’d like to be, outside, inside, next to the food or in the hall way with some morning light shining through, so of course I choose the morning light sunshine. Then asked what I would like to drink and an entire pot of freshly-brewed coffee is brought to me along with lemon water and juice – I’m one of those indecisive drinkers that needs to sample everything.


So let’s see this apparent “everything” buffet then? OMG. I take it back, I take it back! You were right!

DSC06746 (1024x576)Like…WHAT???? What do you feel like for breakfast? Crepes, brownies, every kind of muffin every invented? Every type of fresh fruit you could think of? Cereals with 7 different types of milk to choose from, an enormous variety of bread to select your toast, eggs cooked every which way, smoothies, protein shakes, meats, sandwiches, omelettes, pancakes, waffles, toppings upon toppings and to top THAT all off (no punDSC06748 (1024x576) inteneded) there are waiters who bring around shot-sized samples of their freshly squeezed juices, and I don’t just mean your regular OJ, you can have all kiwi, all strawberry, all mango, all papaya – I used to juice in LA and I KNOW how many strawberries it takes to just add strawberry flavour to your apple/orange/pineapple juice so to have a jug available of JUST strawberry is a pretty impressive!

DSC06747 (1024x576)I sat there basking in the sunshine, enjoying my feast and trying to convince myself I had room for more just to be able to sample everything, sadly my eyes are bigger then my stomach and I’ll just have to wait for my next visit to try to tackle the brekky buffet yet again.



DSC06560 (1024x576)After being utterly stuffed, I picked up our tickets for the Colosseum and the Vatican that the concierge had so kindly booked for us the day before. Went upstairs, packed and got myself ready before regrettably forcing ourselves to check-out before continuing on our Rome adventure, made ever more delightful with the sublime service, hospitality and decadence of the fabulous Rome Cavalieri.

Would I stay here again? Well, is the Pope Catholic? (insert winky face)            DSC06704 (1024x576)
DSC06732 (1024x614) DSC06722 (1024x576)

To be completely blown away with hospitality amazement – book your stay at

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