?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????Can you say….dream penthouse apartment? Seriously, when I walked into this place, my jaw dropped, the stunning views from my floor-length glass doors in my temporary living room out over ALL of Edinburgh City with a two-bedroom fully equipped and beautifully decorated apartment, I was like….this is it….this is what adulthood feels like, this is where I want my life to be, “Oh yes, Mum? You want to visit me in my two-bedroom Edinburgh Apartment? No, don’t worry, I have an extra room, everything you need is here, in my PENTHOUSE, in SCOTLAND, because I’m a successful adult and this is my life now” – That was the fake conversation I played out in my head for a hot second. But legit, this is where I want to be situated, it just felt right, how can it not? You have everything at your finger tips. And I don’t just mean cutlery, washer/dryer, dishwasher, furniture etc etc (although that is true) but I mean you are literally in the heart of the city where whatever you want outside of Old Town Chambers apartments is at your doorstep.

??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????Situated right in the middle of the modern strip of The Royal Mile in Edinburgh, there’s shopping, cathedrals, tourist hot spots, ghost tours, bars, restaurants, 7min walk to your right is Edinburgh Castle and 10min walk to your left is Holyrood Palace and Holyrood Park, I mean….it’s all THERE! And once you are done with the day, or night, and you come back to your dreamy apartment you can just watch the entire city, all lit up, people-watching to your hearts content, OR if you are interested in lulling yourself into a couch coma, they even have (drumroll) NETFLIX! Oh yes, my long lost addictive friend, I think it had been a year since I had watched Netflix as last I knew it was only in America-land but nope, Old Town Chambers has the things you love and even forgot you loved.


Ok, so I’ll hit you with some really cool things I discovered about the Apartment itself first.

1. When you travel, what’s the first thing you remember to take when leaving the room? Room key! And sometimes, like me, you don’t remember and then have to make the embarrassing trip down to Concierge to be let back in. Gurrrrrrrrl please! That’s a thing of the past at Old Town Chambers. You just need your little 4 digit personalised code to key in to your apartment and also works for the building. No key necessary. Just like the cars now of the 21st century! Woop woop!???????????????????????????????

2. I love me a washer and dryer. Travelling full-time you can almost ALWAYS do washing. So when I stumbled on the two-in-one machine in a search for a bin in one of the kitchen cupboards I literally just began emptying out my clothes from my suitcase and loving life, so fresh and so clean clean!

???????????????????????????????3. I am Australian. Whom stems from England. Whom all loves tea. So, I have always had my heart set on my very own Miranda Kerr for Prince Albert tea collection (if I get rich enough to justify $300 for a cup…JUST…the cup!) well, it was no Prince Albert but I DID have my very own tea set, which I used at every chance with the lovely array of teas provided in the beverage bar section of the kitchen (nespresso coffee maker also was utilised) and I would sit on my balcony looking over the city, with my tea set, feeling VERY British and content with life. It’s the little things, but to me, they’re the perfect things that complete a holiday.???????????????????????????????

4. They have a roll-top bath, not in the actual bathroom but adjacent to the bed so you can still get a lovely view of the outside city world from the comfort of your own bath in your own bedroom. Trust me, it’s extremely hard to relax here (sarcasm)

???????????????????????????????5. You have your own intercom for all the party guests you’re inviting up. Your own Bose Bluetooth sound system for the music you are playing at said party. An enormous living room for dancing space. And your stylish couch also folds out into a bed incase your (non-existent) party guests need to crash. I wish I’d had more mates in Edinburgh, could’ve been going off!

??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????Basically, this is a place you WANT to show off! I just wish it was mine forever really. And I promise you, you can not beat the location, and before you nay-sayers give me the whole “well, maybe I don’t want to be in the middle of everything, maybe I want peace and quiet!” husssshhhhh, fear not. It’s actually tucked away down a cobble-streeted alley off The Royal Mile entering a beautiful and QUIET courtyard so you can still be IN it without all the hustles at your doorstep. Although The Royal Mile is only a 30 second walk away up the alley and if you fancy heading more into the Princes Garden section of town and getting your exercise while you do so, you can master the 50 authentic scottish-alley city steps heading down the opposite way into the centre of the town. As Hannah Montana would say: You get the best of both worlds.

??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????Almost all of the big attractions are within walking distance, like I said before Edinburgh Castle and Holyrood Palace and Park are both walking distance either way. St Giles Cathedral is across the road. Mary King’s Close is actually next door, as in, right next door. The Scottish Whiskey Experience is maybe a 4min walk just before Edinburgh Castle. All of the tour groups are right outside along The Royal Mile and of course, The Royal Mile itself, filled with markets, authenticity, style and entertainment!

I have not one bad thing to say about Old Town Chambers, absolutely nothing, there was no fault, actually, wait…there was one….I had to leave 🙁 awwwwww cue the cheesy music here! But seriously, I hated leaving, it’s probably been one of my favourite stays to date and I wish you ALL a fantastic time staying here which I know you will because it is just SU-POIB!


Thanks for being wonderful and giving me life goals to come back and permanently rent your penthouse apartment, I hope that’s an option and if it’s not…we have, I’m gonna say, maybe 2-3 years to figure it out 😉


If you’re going Edinburgh, you’re going Old Town Chambers – 

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  • Reply Mazza April 21, 2015 at 4:55 pm

    I’m coming to stay with you!!!!! Its furnished in my colours too !!!!

  • Reply Abdullah Albassam September 27, 2015 at 6:49 am

    What type of apartment is that? I’m planning to stay there during Christmas break.

    • Reply Natalie-Monique Le Sueur October 3, 2015 at 10:05 pm

      This was the 2 bedroom penthouse 🙂 you will absolutely love it! Amazing views of the city, will be so beautiful at Christmas too! Definitely one of my faves to date!

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