Wellnessland Wholeness Centre in Cebu – a perfect way to find peace in the busy city. 

Without getting too personal….stuff it, let’s get personal! In fact, if there’s anything I’ve learnt from my stay here (and there is SO much) it’s to evolve through uncomfortability and EXPAND through pain rather than contract and close off. I very recently went through a big life change. A relationship I was in for almost 8 years ended, I moved countries, I questioned myself every step of the way. I would be lying if I said I don’t still. But, I wanted to choose myself. So I’ve made the decisions I’ve made and at times have felt numb and suffered a massive mental blockage.

I arrived at Wellnessland Wholeness Centre and straight away I felt warmth. There are motivational quotes covering the walls, beautiful colours everywhere and constant reminders of self-love whichever way you turned. I knew the Universe had steered me in the right direction and was going to aid me in a time of need. The rooms are very minimal but I think that’s part of the process, to strip everything back and focus on the growth.

I decided to go next door where the vegetarian cafe is to get some lunch. Now usually, especially from living in LA, I am somewhat weary, or, I should say WAS somewhat weary, of strangers. A lady sat across from me and smiled, she invited me to move closer to sit with her and surprising myself, I did. We spoke about my situation, life, societal pressure on women, my thoughts, my feelings. In fact, we spoke so long in to the afternoon I missed my meeting with the owner – Romy Paredes! I went to a lookout for sunset and watched the sun go down on a day I knew was the beginning, not the end, of my life moving forward.

The next day I caught up with the owner Romy. We spoke for over an hour about transformation, the importance of slowing down, the importance of being whole. The importance of being so balanced within yourself, no longer does having something or not having something make or break you, and in his words “you know, every experience coming in to your life is a beautiful manifestation of who you are becoming” meaning, it’s all part of my life path. He told me, when you can expand through pain, you become a sense of ALL. We constantly want “more” but when we don’t get or have more, we contract, we pain and in fact we receive less, but when we stretch out, open our chest, we welcome all and we can BE all, we can have all. All is not materialistic, all is not more. All is everything. It flows around you, through you and you can pick it up and put it down accepting it as an experience.

I truly feel my experience at Wellnessland grew me and changed me for the better, opening my mind and chipping away at that mental block. It gave me the tools I would need to continue on my solo journey and ultimately my self-discovery process for the rest of my life. I have noticed my awareness since my stay, my comfortability when things don’t go as planned and my ease with interactions around me. You can choose to stay as a traveller or to engage in a wellness program for 2, 3, 5 nights, basically your choosing. I was just a traveller but have felt the empowerment of my surroundings and can say with confidence, I am changed after staying here. I was helped in more ways then one and I feel connected to my experience here as well as what I took from here moving forward in all the experiences I encounter.

Of course, I would THOROUGHLY recommend a stay here, no joke, will change your life!

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  • Reply Lynne Anne Lafever March 19, 2019 at 2:54 pm

    Sounds like you found a much needed experience. I’m so glad for you. I hope you are able to take this experience with you in alll your current and future travels. You’re amazing my friend!

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