welcome-signvacation-rental-hawaiikailua-vacation-rentalAlohaaaaa! My very own Palawiki Two Bedroom Apartment in local Kailua, Hawaii! Staying at Kay’s Ali’i Vacation Rental was like staying at home, if your home was on the footsteps of Hawaiian beaches that is! It was so comfy, cozy and relaxing, just the aloha way to start your vacay off right! kays-alii-vacation-rentalsEveryone in Hawaii are super friendly and the lovely managers at Kay’s were no different, they made sure we were settled in nicely, were there if we needed anything at all, gave great suggestions for activities and were all around super helpful (especially when it came to figuring out the laundry machine!)kays-palawikipositive-quoteThe rooms were filled with really happy, positive quotes, which I LOVED! A good positive quote, decorated in a pretty way is like my sweet-tooth! Beautiful framed pictures were placed all over the house, hawaiian culture & magazines could be found on your bedside table or hanging by floral-lounge-suitethe walkway pillar, local attraction booklets for your browsing and a whole lotta Hawaiian floral! Even the beds and couches had flowers on them! It was an immediate vibe of “island life” and I couldn’t help but envision my life as an island girl, local to the Kailua and Lanikai beaches, that’s the beauty of a vacation home – it feels like it’s yours! Well, it certainly was mine, at least for three wonderful nights!hawaii-vacation-rentalholiday-cookingI love having a kitchen when I travel too, not only for savings but I actually love cooking meals at home across the other side of my ACTUAL home, it brings a sense of freedom of roaming around and at the same time a sense of comfortability, like I’m still not too far from home, it’s a happy venture! It was fully equipped with everything you would need to make eggs for breakfast and spaghetti for dinner, it even had a blender for my protein shakes! Winning!kays-vacation-rentalshawaii-flowerThe rental is close to everything, the beach, the shops, the groceries, the highway – you name it, it’s central! We had a rental car regardless to go exploring, but found it extremely easy to get around, whatever we needed was no more then a 5-10min drive away. There was also parking available as well which was handy and we had several sets of keys for the house as well just in case we wanted to do some solo exploring.

It really was a beautiful stay, the people, the place, the weather, that morning island breeze fanning through your window, it was such a perfect choice for an island getaway and such a perfect Hawaii vacation rental. I don’t have a single thing I would change, it really was just so comfortable and welcoming and I would be back in a heart beat, just to re-live being a Hawaiian Local again! Mahalo!oahu-vacation-rental

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