DSC07076 (1280x720)DSC06965 (1280x720)DSC07057 (1280x596)It’s my job to bring you guys the wonderful, weird, wacky, wholesome and all out WOW accommodation destinations of the world….and Axel Hotel Barcelona is definitely one with a twist 😉DSC07069 (1280x665)DSC07118 (1280x720)To be honest, when I had searched on for nice hotels in central Barcelona I had just liked the appeal of the location (which is smack bang walking distance to everything) and also their stunning roof top terrace A.K.A “Solarium” OK PAUSE BLOG FOR A MINUTE!DSC07062 (1280x720)DSC07060 (1280x720)I have to tell you the funniest story first. In Australia, Solarium’s are considered tanning beds, so when I arrived at Axel and was checking in etc etc I was told about our access to the rooftop terrace pool and solarium. In my head I was like whaaaaaat…they have solariums?!!!! This is gonna be awesome! So I got all my bags settled and checked-in, we went off exploring for the day and then at about sunset I was like okay, I am gonna go get my tan on…so up I went to the terrace and hunted around for the solariums. There was even a cleaner up there and I asked him where it was and he had said The Wellness Spa was located on -1 and I was like hmm so weird, because it says Solarium on level 7 which is the rooftop. I was like ah well, I’ll try again tomorrow. Which I did, I went into closed off sections and the bathrooms, I did a whole lap of the pool area and lounge area and couldn’t find these darn things anywhere! I went back to my room and called down to reception and asked about just exactly WHERE the solarium’s were located? He replied Level 7 madam. I was like “I must be blind!” Finally, the next day we had to check out and I asked the receptionist “Excuse me, I couldn’t find the Solarium’s on Level 7 anywhere, do you know if they are in that side room that’s blocked off, because I’m sure we had access to them?” She replied. “What do you mean Madam? Level 7 IS the Solarium?” Level 7 IS the Solarium? The solarium….ohhhhhhhhh……I get it! I started laughing as she looked at me like a crazy lady….I explained “In Australia, we call tanning beds “solariums” so I’ve been hunting around trying to find this ficticious solarium on Level 7 for the past two days!” she started laughing too and explained that in Spain the rooftop pool terraces are called ‘Solariums’ – cooooolio, got it, wish I knew that earlier but hey: there’s a tip for anyone else who may have been just as confused as I was, here to save you embarrassment and extra leg work!


So, I booked for the location, views etc and when I went on to their actual website I was (nicely) surprised with a cute nude derriere in my face with the words “GAYXAMPLE” across it. Oh boy. Literally.DSC07089 (1280x720)Kind’ve chuckling to myself about how I would let RJ know I had just booked us in at one of Barcelona’s Best Gay Hotels and wondering what I would expect rocking up as a straight couple, would I get weird looks? Do you think the other guests would feel comfortable? Are they going to think RJ is my gay bestie and I’m going to have to be on boyfriend control? Lol! All of these thoughts!DSC07120 (1280x720)
DSC07090 (1280x720)But, let’s chat about just how AMAZINGGGG and sweet and thoughtful Axel Hotels are and what their brand represents. I was walking around with one of the PR team who was giving me an accompanied tour and I had to mention you know, how should I go about this? And what he said was so interesting and cool, he explained that Axel Hotels are Hetero-friendly, so it’s not saying it’s “this type” or “that type” it’s saying, everyone is welcome, celebrating diversity and everyone should feel comfortable, he then went on to say, you know, this is what a Hotel should be in the first place, and even though Barcelona is a very open-minded place now, unfortunately, it’s sad to say some of the tourists that stay in other hotels may not be, so this is a Hotel Group that makes everyone feel welcome and everyone feel comfortable and actually 70% of our guests are in fact straight too but we market ourselves like this so that everyone staying here have the knowledge and people in the LGBT community can feel comfortable and at ease staying with us too, which is what it should be regardless.

I stopped for a second and thought, man, what I was feeling before coming, all the questions about if I would cop weird looks etc, that’s exactly what they’re eliminating here. How cool is that?! They are the Hotel movement. I love it. I love how COOL that is, that it comes from such an accepting and celebrating way for diversity and embracing everyone and treating others as equals. I will mention…there are some snooty snotty Hotels out there with some guests that are just plain rude. There is no other way to put it. I have seen guests snap their fingers at doormen, scoff at other guests dressed casually and exclaimed loudly how the delicious and over-flowing COMPLIMENTARY buffet’s were “disgusting”. It’s gross. Definitely something that rubs me the wrong way and I absolutely LOVE that their is a Hotel out there that is aiming to eliminate that! Treat everyone as equals. It’s how most of us were raised and Axel Hotel Barcelona will be your friendly-reminder in case you may have forgotten 😛

Alrighty, now let’s chat about my stay!DSC06972 (1280x720)DSC06990 (1280x720)So we had one of the premium rooms with a nice, rather large and comfortable bed and I found it so handy that there were two outlets and light controls behind each pillow bedhead. You wouldn’t think about it normally but it does get challenging having to find an outlet for your laptop/phone charger etc that’s close enough to the bed so you can still relax while you work, without having to unplug the room lamps/phones/tv’s and also one you don’t have to share with your other travel companions too, muahaha!

DSC06964 (1280x720)You just know the products are gonna be amazing. And they were. But the layout was even cooler. As pictured you can see they had personally designed the Shampoo, Conditioner, Shower Gel and Body Lotion to spell out AXEL – very creative! And they all smelt soooo good, made hopping into the comfy slippers and robes that much nicer! They huge shower was awesome too, you could literally lay down in it….wink, wink……nudge, nudge! I will say, I actually felt rather sexy staying here, the fact that the sexual vibes were provocatively but still classily put out there made it very fun and flirtatious, everyone was friendly and having a good time and it was all about promoting sexual energy, beauty, good health, fitness, pampering, relaxing and just takin’ care of good ol YOU. I think what I’m fumbling around to say is, it gives you confidence!DSC07095 (1280x720)DSC07116 (1280x720)Sooooo you can take all that confidence and go show it off at cocktail hour errrry night from 6:30pm at their Cocktail Lounge POP! Playing all of your faves and giving everyone a chance to mingle and mix. Don’t you worry about any hangovers too because the breakfast goes all the way til 11:00am with lots of fresh juices, coffees, pastries, cheese and meat platters and if you’re a big kid like me, some chocolate flavoured cereal – yummerssss!DSC07117 (1280x720)

Well, in search of that non-existent-Australian-type Solarium I actually got to spend a bit of time on that lovely rooftop Terrace and was able to capture some pretty nice moments for you guys to check out! Take a geeeez…DSC07066 (1280x720)DSC07070 (1280x720)02 Spa (1221x649)

Photo (Above, Below Right) owned by Axel Hotel Barcelona, as always, all other photos are my own

01 Spa (1280x665)DSC07099 (1280x715)If you feel like working on you, there is the 24-hour Gym downstairs which might quite literally be jam-packed equipped with everything you could imagine and right next door is the Wellness Spa where you can enjoy a nice Sauna, perhaps a massage and dimly-candle-lit pool swim for a bit of R&R!DSC07115 (1280x720)

I have literally had such a cool and FUN stay here at Axel Barcelona and like I said earlier, the location was just great!DSC07100 (1280x720)

To check it out and book your stay visit –


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