DSC04647 (1024x576)DSC04684 (1024x576)DSC04659 (1024x576)I’ve reached new heights! Literally! Have you guys ever heard of Ozone?A.K.A the highest bar in the world! Of COURSE it’s grouped with the Ritz Carlton – whom never cease to impress!

We were so delighted to be invited for an evening viewing life from the top! Honestly, I don’t even know if I’m allowed to say this but…it beats the Hong Kong view from the peak, you have 360 views of the whole city! In fact our lovely host for the evening, Vivian, even somewhat mapped out directions for us to the nightlife area from our booth at the top – THAT’S how crystal clear the view is – it’s a life-size map of the city! DSC04669 (1024x576)DSC04675 (1024x576)But in my opinion that’s not even the best part. I will share with you all – my favourite bar, up until the Ozone Bar, was the historic and dimly lit side bar located in The Roosevelt Hotel in Los Angeles, purely due to their whole bench being a garnish section – they have it all. BUT….although Roosevelt is good and has been good to me, I gotta take my hat off to Bar Manager, Teresa Moon, raised in DSC04716 (1024x576)Spain and mixing her Spanish roots with Chinese heritage to bring you the most amazing flavours you will ever taste in a drink. It’s like a dessert in a drink! It’s just that tasty. My all time fav fruit I can never say no to is red dragon fruit – introducing The Dragontini – voila, voila, voila!!! And I quote “best drink I have ever tasted in my LIFE” I’m just really upset that I may only ever enjoy it in Hong Kong, but hey, I’ve booked a flight for less before 😉 and it’s worth it!!! DSC04643 (1024x576)DSC04639 (1024x576)So when we first arrived, Vivian walked us around the 118th   level of the Ritz Carlton (and yes, you do have to pop your ears on the lift up – you’re in the clouds now guys!) and the architecture is like nothing id ever seen in a hotel let alone a bar or restaurant. I must admit, I found Hong Kong extremely creative and artistic but designers at Tokyo Firm, Wonderwall Design, exceeded expectations with his amazing work, made entirely out of marble, even what seems like a wooden bamboo wall is ACTUALLY carved marble! The balcony wrapping around the outside of the Ozone (inaccessible FYI) was an artistic display of jagged black and white marble designs, giving a wow factor before your eyes even spot that delicious Hong Kong view! DSC04638 (1024x576)DSC04698 (1024x576)Another fun fact, the ladies bathrooms, and perhaps men’s too, is renowned for selfie central, I found this out before my journey there even as the receptionist ladies at my hotel were even jokingly saying to send them a selfie from the bathroom, I thought she was kidding but then realized when Vivian mentioned the views from the bathroom and yet again when I saw about 5 ladies doing so when I got inside said bathroom – and I did take one, didn’t come out great, I get nervous just whipping out a selfie pose when people are staring and waiting for me to move out the way for their turn – under selfie pressure!! #selfiestruggleisreal DSC04696 (1024x576)

DSC04695 (1024x576)So after some stranger embarrassment, I was back to the booth, we had some amazing tapas AND it was the first time everrrrr that I tried anchovies!! Not gonna lie, hadn’t heard the best things, but, I’m not sure if it was the delicious sun-dried tomato paste they were nestled in but they were not bad, not bad at all. THEN DSC04691 (1024x576)just in case I actually wanted to be able to walk out of there, that idea was squished with vodka-filled watermelon and strawberry fruit display. You know when you’re at a mates party, someone suggests to “make” jelly shots, I.e. pour an entire bottle of vodka into cups with a dash of jello mix and still call it jello rather then a shot of slippery poison, WELL this thankfully WASNT like that, I could dangerously enough barely even taste the alcohol and they went down a treat!
DSC04715 (1024x576)For my LAST drink because I did eventually decide they weren’t a dessert/meal and I still wanted to exit gracefully, I did my fav party trick and gave our wonderful bartender full range to “surprise me” and I’m glad I did, Teresa made me her first drink she had mixed up when she first came over from España and was feeling slightly homesick, it has lots of basil and Spanish spice hints to it. I loved hearing that each concoction stems from a place of feeling and passion, you can definitely tell (or taste) the effort that goes into each drink mix and I swear they can do no wrong!
DSC04688 (1024x576)DSC04624 (1024x576)So, I’ve mentioned the architecture, the drinks, the view, only thing left is the SERVICE!!! Sooooooo good! You’re just totally loving life up there and the staff are SO wonderful, attentive, friendly, approachable, polite, respectful and super smiley! I even got IG compliments of my outfit – you win right there, that’s me sold!! Haha, but honestly guys this was such a cool experience, definitely worth the trip in Hong Kong, not many “things to do” blogs mention it in their must-see’s maybe because it falls under must-eats instead but it is just as much a Hong Kong experience as it is a dining experience, if not for the views alone! Much less crowded and clearer views then the peak – plus, you’re drinking and eating! Always a bonus!
DSC04646 (1024x576)I adore the Ritz-Carlton and definitely vote the highest bar in the world their dazzling Ozone a MUST when visiting HK! Have fun – drink a Dragontini for me but DON’T instagram it – I’ll get too jealous!!! Lol kidding, insta and tag me! I’ll live through you guys until my next return!!
DSC04626 (1024x576)I now leave this wonderful find in your hands and look forward to all the insta posts you guys feel like sharing of your experiences!! For more info head over to

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