A look inside the new Branksome Hotel

Sydney is probably the busiest airport in Australia. That’s a wild guess, but I’d put some pretty big money on it. Some are traveling to Australia for the first time, while others may just be here for business or a short or long stopover!

Most airport hotels can be drab, boring and of course it’s never quite the happiest medium of too close and too far is it.

The Branksome Hotel is a brand new hotel. Studying the do’s and don’t of airport etiquette, with transfer service to and from, excellent tasting food but a smaller menu for quick and easy dishes (just in case you’re short on time) and happy hour drinks with views of the planes coming and going from the rooftop patio, it seems The Branksome Hotel understands their cliental well.

If you’re staying near the airport, chances are, you’re either on business or you’re on an extended layover, therefore everything needs to be seamless and at your fingertips.

The rooms are nice and large with self-sufficient apart-style living, the kitchen is neatly tucked away into individual cabinetry and should you need assistance, the in-room tablet makes communication and service seamless.

When you’re stopping in for a few days, it can be annoying to change up a routine, for you or your family joining you. The Branksome Hotel has truly thought of everything, including a gym, indoor pool for every season, a playground for the kids, simple dining and meeting rooms with superb wifi!

Another great feature at The Branksome Hotel is their business hub. There is an LCD display of the departing flights so you know if there’s any delays before you even leave the hotel and you also don’t have to wait around to email anything to reception to be able to print things out, everything is self-sufficient so you can print that 4:00am flight whenever you choose.

The staff are all very friendly, and although catered to an international market, there is a growing diversity in the team to very much accommodate every guest that should happen to stay.

I think if you’re visiting Sydney for more than a few days, it’s probably best to stay in the city or close to the beach. But if you’re an in-and-out jetsetter like me, The Branksome Hotel is definitely stepping up the game when it comes to an easy and accessible airport option with an overflowing abundance of amenities and anticipated solutions to all of your needs.

The rooftop bar is said to be opening for events every weeked, I didn’t personally get to spend my weekend there but to stay up to date on the events and all of the special offerings head to –  

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