??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????My first time in VietNam! My first time in HANOI! And I was definitely having a “Hanoi Moment” upon arriving at the Hanoi Moment Hotel! I had been so crazy busy with all our travels that I actually had done zero research on Hanoi, bar being set on doing the Ha Long Bay Tours which is not even IN Hanoi, but everything else I was deciding was completely wing-able!


???????????????????????????????LUCKILY…my Hotel staff were beyond amazing! Like, BEYOND amazing! When we first walked in from quite possibly the coldest flight of my life and were greeted with hot warm tea I was already thrilled to be defrosting in the lobby, wearing RJ’s captain America jumper and rambling how I don’t usually come looking so unprofessional but the flight yadi yada, regardless, I needn’t worry as the lovely receptionist, beaming ear to ear, excitedly squeezed my arm and exclaimed how happy she was that we were here. Well, that’s just lovely really. I haven’t had an excited arrival squeeze like that since my Mum on my last welcome back to Aus-land!


???????????????????????????????We had our bags taken up to our room for us, actually, excuse me, our suite, since we were given a surprising upgrade! (lucky ducks!) and then we had Patrick, our concierge, hand us a very helpful map and explain some of the Hanoi History, especially the Old Quarter where we were, the nearby French Quarter which I had no idea influenced a lot of Vietnam, some great must-sees and the night markets which were currently taking place just steps outside the hotel street!

I already loved Vietnam.

???????????????????????????????We went up to our suite to have a nice shower before exploring, I quite literally gasped when we went inside. French influence no-kidding! Roses, absolutely everywhere! I had walked into a Valentines Day date, there were cute paintings, decorations, ornaments and designs just oozing out French artistry. It definitely was a romantic “moment” to say the least. Our balcony windows opened up to Hanoi rooftops and bustling market streets down below, everything was just perfect. Patrick, obviously seeing we were pleased with the room left us to it and reminded us about the breakfasts times before doing so – can’t forget brekkie!


???????????????????????????????Speaking of, there’s your standard buffet daily breakfasts, and then, there’s Hanoi Moment one-upping that with including an A La Carte Breakfast menu if you want more choices instead of buffet, you know, just incase everything doesn’t tickle your fancy OR you could be a piggy like me and enjoy both. Oh yes. I did.

The maps were an absolute life-saver and it was extremely handy that everything was no more then a 10-15minute walk away, probably leaning more towards 10 if you can help yourself from stopping to look at shops, not me, that’s in the ‘never gonna happen’ category.


???????????????????????????????I also have to add about the rose petals and white pebbles decorating around the wooden floors of the bottom of the shower. I can’t even describe the romance, even as a solo traveler or someone on an executive trip, don’t you ever just want that nice pampering alone time, where you give yourself a break? It’s here. You got it! Also, on the pamper note, there is a nail salon literally next door, for….drum roll….$4.00 – yep, $4 manicures, $4 pedicures. That’s all I’ll say on that.


???????????????????????????????So…funny story, you’re gonna love this. We say our goodbye’s, we go off to Ha Long Bay, we come back AND I realise the next accommodation I booked was in the middle of Vietnam, infact a 7 hour train ride away – Hue City….NOT a city in Hanoi. (which is what I had presumed) Unable to fly or teleport, I call up my pals at Hanoi Moment and like I said in the beginning…beyond amazing. They not only have rooms available but they also have an even BIGGER suite then our last suite….come on! Right?! What I really meant was “cảm ơn” which means thank you in vietnamese.. so thank you Hanoi Moment, I’m glad its not just one, but two, to remember!

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