swissotelbalcony-view-swissotel-sydneymytravelation-swissotelsydney-balcony-viewI love being home in Australia and I was sooo excited to get the chance to experience the Swissotel Sydney’s new Signature Skyline Balcony rooms! In fact the entire hotel has undergone huge renovations and is looking more spic and span than ever! The Swissotel is such an iconic brand worldwide and everything oozes decadence. The lobby being located above signature-skyline-balcony-roomground on Level 8 of the building where you walk in to an aroma of sweet high tea and cafe treats and a refreshing essence filling the high ceilings and open space. Ladies are lunching, families are laughing, it’s not just an accommodation it’s a destination! When locals are stopping by for the casual cafe catch-ups you know it’s the bees knees.swissotel-sydney-diningSswissotel-sydney-beehivepeaking of, how would you like your morning toast with a side of bees honey straight from their hives on the roof? Sit. Enjoy. Stay a while. Their buffet breakfast was beyond impressive, the fact that you can even create your own concoction of healthy juice with their fruit and vege juicing station is insane! fresh-juicing-sydneyJuicing is expensive, but a juicing buffet is just spoiling us! Can I make one to go? It seemed they had an everything station, omelette station, bread station, cereal station….eat your heart out, literally!swissotel-sydney-pool

purovel-spaIt wasn’t the most su-poib weather while I was enjoying my time there so I didn’t get to make use of the pool, but it sure looked inviting non the less, gotta love that open-aired tanning space! It’s on the same level as the gym and spa, the spa products smelled sooo refreshing and invigorating. The same products, Purovel, are in your room for your toiletries as well and they were amazing to use.

swissotel-bathroomIn fact, after a rainy walk to the Darling Harbour which was only a mere 5 minute walk away, I was sure to hop straight into the huge shower accompanied with waterfall shower head (I just love those!) and it even had a shelf, which I weirdly utilized to bring my coffee in with me and rest? Don’t ask. When you gotta warm up, you gotta warm up! Which I did very cozily in the robes and slippers afterwards!

swissotel-sydney-balcony-viewswissotel-signature-skyline-balcony-roomsydney-cbdNow these new rooms were definitely worth the remodel wait! That balcony view alone is like nothing else. I think I spent more time out on the balcony then I did inside…and it was raining! So you know it’s good. mytravelation-swissotel-sydneyJust the breeze wafting in to your oh-so-heavenly bed, while you’re all rugged up, munching on some sweet treats (that were so kindly left for me), just smiling to yourself and appreciating the decadence you’re momentarily living in – this is living! And it feels great! I did that thing where I sat down on every chair and bed just to test comfort levels and be making full use of the space, all were definitely A grade! I’m very tempted to smuggle the leather lounge chair over to my new apartment in Las Vegas!

executive-lounge-swissotelI was also lucky enough to have Executive Lounge access during my stay, which not only has a lounge full of canapes and evening beverages but also on the same level are meeting rooms and free to use internet with printers, which was handy as I’d executive-lounge-swissotel-sydneyforgotten to print off some docs for my Sydney stay – they think of it all! The executive lounge was lovely and relaxing, I had great conversation with some other hotel guests and some staff members, it was such a pleasant way to unwind from the day and relax into the evening.

sydney-swissotelI feel like it’s the little things that make a hotel stand out from standard to great. You expect the normalities but it’s things like never having to wait more then 3 seconds for a lift, sweet treats left for you, greetings on your TV, giving you two room keys AND one already in the power slot so you actually can use both, A-grade complimentary coffee and tea, staff members recognizing you and greeting you as you walk past, all this and then some! They seem standard but you’d be surprised at how often these little things are missed, I can tell straight away upon a few minutes after arrival a hotel that goes above and beyond and one that doesn’t. Swissotel Sydney, staying true to their worldwide reputation, definitely do. Plus, being in the heart of the CBD and minutes from Darling Harbour is a strong bonus too!


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