The Radh Hotel was the first place I stayed when arriving in Sri Lanka and I was there for two nights in the central area of Kandy.Despite the check-in being a little long as they had lost my reservation, I was complimented with coffee and various traditional sweets while I waited to be taken to my room.After arriving the room itself was very modern and nicely decorated which stood out from the normal one bedroom suite, it had a very nice orange and green theme which actually reminded me of my parents house and I immediately felt quite at home. The location of The Radh hotel is perfect for the number one attraction of Kandy, The Tooth Temple, being no more than a five minute walk, which allowed me to wake up early at the call to prayer and be amongst the locals rather than the tourists and get a very authentic feel for the local life and sights.I was able to get into a bit of routine with the gym inside The Radh, before going down to enjoy some breakfast which was nicely spread out in the open-center hallway of the building.The food was delicious and very authentic, I also tried some non-traditional food of their Japanese restaurant on one of the evenings as well, which was also quite good!

Nothing particularly stood out during my stay, I didn’t have much interaction with any of the staff members and the couple next door to me decided to have loud screaming fights throughout my stay, of course this isn’t the hotels fault, but I definitely left on a very average note, which is disappointing as I’m used to being lucky with all my stays and feeling very excited about the places I recommend for you guys, making this blog a little bit harder for me to write for you all.

I would still recommend this hotel for the location, food and cleanliness of the rooms as well as the comfort and homeliness of the rooms as well. There were a little bit of hiccups which can honestly happen anywhere, it may have just been a case of bad luck! Overall the hotel is a nice hotel and I don’t have any issues recommending them.

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