I thoroughly enjoyed my time at Ranna 212 Resort

The staff were so friendly and the location was just as welcoming.


The location to the beach is absolutely stunning! It’s a dream come true to be able to walk from your hotel room straight out to the ocean. I LOVE falling asleep to the smell and sounds of the ocean!
Most people really haven’t been to Ranna as it’s not necessarily one of the top talked about destinations of Sri Lanka but it is definitely worth a visit there’s so much to do around the area and some very gorgeous tide rock pools that I had the pleasure of one of the staff members taking me to!


Just in case you don’t want to leave the hotel Ranna 212 Resort provides amazing forms of entertainment. I was lucky enough to watch a traditional Sri Lankan dance show while having one of the best lobster meals of my life as well as before hand watching the cook prepare it!

The resort itself is very large and stretches across a wide span of lush greenery, which has two pools both kids size and family size as well as a Jacuzzi. While you’re making your way down to the beach  you can stop in and enjoy a nice cocktail at the cocktail wave bar or have a game of volleyball.


It’s common in Sri Lanka to find both Half Board and Full Board accommodations that will offer meals included with the stay so the Food is quite important in review when choosing a hotel.

Ranna 212 Resort definitely didn’t disappoint. The lobster was sensational. I also really liked the omelette station at breakfast too!


There is definitely a unity between staff and guest members they become friends and are willing to help you in anyway that they can to ensure that your time there is the best it possibly can be.


The rooms are very spacious and the bed is very comfortable. I stayed in one of the one bedroom suites. As a result, I thoroughly enjoyed being able to have my daily coffee out on the veranda soaking in the ocean breeze air!

On one of the evenings I was staying at Ranna 212 Resort, I was walking the beach and some local kids came by.

They were very interested in my drone! It was definitely fun to see locals playing. An aspect of staying somewhere like Ranna which you might not get in more touristy areas.

I definitely felt very welcomed while staying at Ranna 212 resort! I would highly recommend that feeling to anybody going to Ranna.

There wasn’t really anything I could possibly fault, as all the staff did everything they possibly could to ensure that my stay was as great as it could be.

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