Ramada Plaza Chennai

Me oh my what good deeds did I do in a past life to lead me to this stunning hotel suite? I have many things to talk about in this blog! My last stay in India was at Ramada Plaza Chennai.

Now, I usually don’t work with large hotel chains, because the first time I did I found it completely impersonable compared to boutique brands. I have bent a little before and that’s not the case for EVERY chain, but given the choice I opt for boutique luxury brands over corporate chains.

I was tentative to stay at the Ramada Plaza Chennai because I had always thought of the Ramada like the Marriott and just a very standard hotel and I wasn’t sure if it would allow ME to do my job in reviewing it.

But boy was I wrong.

Ramada Plaza Chennai was class all the way, everyone knew my name, people I hadn’t even met before, which was a stand-out. My first night they were having a fashion show on the rooftop that I was invited to which was so fun!

The next morning was their Sunday brunch in the buffet and it honestly looked like a candy store! The amount of effort that goes into the buffet EVERY DAY is second to none. I’ve tried my fair share of buffets to say the least, and Ramada Plaza Chennai blew it out of the water.

There were three restaurants in Ramada Plaza Chennai (which I indulged in of course) the first was a Asian inspired restaurant indoors, the second was the buffet open for breakfast, lunch and dinner and the third was a stunning rooftop restaurant with individual seating huts to overlook the city skyline and the sunset with oven-braised meats that you could cut with a spoon they were so tender.

I could’ve very easily watched the sunset each night from the infinity pool, it was so calming and serene. Planes are flying by and it’s very much a “watch-the-world-go-by” moment. Which is crazy considering Chennai is a business district to find that kind of peacefulness so close to the city’s heart!

Whilst over-indulging in good food at Ramada Plaza Chennai, I kept the pace and enjoyed a very lulling massage at the Elysium Spa with every intention of visiting the gym but being swayed another way instead – don’t miiiiiind if I do!

Saving the very best of the best for last – the Rajarajan suite.
What level of Oprah do I need to reach to live like this all the time? I just wish I had more friends but then – there was only one huge, deliciously comfortable bed, so I guess people just like to be able to dance from room to room through hallways when they’re living this large.

I would see conversations of the elite going like this.
Please, step into my waiting area. I’ll be right with you.

Would you like to come into my lounge room? There’s a full bathroom in there.

No? Perhaps my dining area, feel free to make yourself a coffee or also, use the full bathroom in there.

I’ll just be in my suite, admiring the planes flying directly in line with my vision since I’m so high up, will be right out, after I finish washing my hands as I also, have a full bathroom in here.

Three is an ideal amount of bathrooms I reckon.

To say I felt lux is underselling you my emotion level.

I know this blog is getting insanely long, but to top it all off on a final note – Ramada Plaza Chennai was kind enough on my last day after hearing I hadn’t been venturing out due to work commitments to organise their car to take me to the beach to watch the sunrise. Yep. You can just slap the whole “chain-hotel” idea off my back now cause Ramada Plaza Chennai impressed the socks off of me in THE MOST PERSONABLE WAY! Dang.

Perspective officially changed and I will definitely move forward a lot less quick to categorize in the future thanks to Ramada Plaza Chennai.

Needless to say, Ramada Plaza Chennai has a whopping stamp of approval and I appreciate them going above and beyond and treating me like an absolute princess during my stay.

Oh and did I mention – THEY’RE ONLY A YEAR OLD!!!

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    What an amazing spot.. and absolutely beautiful photography to depict this wonderland !

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