Wow, found my vibe! Who knew it was here in my hometown all a long? QT Gold Coast stole my retro-loving heart away and I’m not afraid to go full 70’s to show it!

Seriously though, what a fun California 70’s vibe! My girlfriend and I enjoyed a little staycation here on the Gold Coast and uhh, got rather carried away creating fun montages to say the least! Not that you can blame us!

I didn’t think I had ever been to QT Gold Coast before, but I had in fact come once before to Stingray (one of the four restaurant options QT Gold Coast has to offer) for a Halloween event the year before and maybe because it was night time and I entered through the side entrance I didn’t even take in that the venue was linked to a hotel.

But, entering the RIGHT way (and at daylight) the lobby definitely blew me away!

Fun neon signs, multi-coloured furniture and a lemonade station – just to be cute! I love a nice open plan lobby with high ceilings, it makes a space feel that much more welcoming and full of light.

I didn’t get to try Yamagen, which I’m dying to next time I’m back home, but whilst staying I just so happened to be there for Taco Tuesday at Stingray and enjoyed some Marg’s and Taco’s with my girlfriends – and had a bit of fun with the Taco stand while we were there.

It was fun to see over the course of my stay how versatile Stingray was, in fact all of the restaurants – there was an event at Yamagen which we saw cater to guests in the patio area outside which is fun to know as a local for future event-planning ideas!

The Bazaar Interactive Marketplace at QT Gold Coast has to be commended for flair and innovation! I think out of the 100’s of hotels I’ve reviewed I have maybe only seen one or two others offer a juicing station at the buffet! In the world! Not the most inexpensive thing to host for guests!

It has to be said, buffets are a thing in the Gold Coast for families to come and enjoy on a leisurely Sunday or for a nice treat without actually being a guest of a hotel, it’s great to see for the price you pay, the effort being matched at QT Gold Coast, which is not always the case at some of local spots.

QT Gold Coast is definitely doing the most when it comes to creativity and ideas, the rooms are too cute and replicate high-rise luxury apartment living as opposed to a generic hotel room. The make-your-own lemonade kit in the room sets a summer vibe, despite the month you’re staying and I can’t speak for all rooms, but mine had the most beautiful natural light filling it throughout the day.

This pool definitely had a few of you guys following me on Instagram impressed to say the least – most thought it was a far-off European hotel somewhere on the coastline of Italy or Greece!

Maybe it’s from always living on the Gold Coast we see the beaches as our spoiled-for-choice feature, but seeing it from non-locals point of you really gave me perspective just how much of a sought after destination the Gold Coast really is. I’m glad for me, enjoying a staycation, I was able to find some “new-ness” to my city at QT Gold Coast and see a very unique take on the town.

If not for an absolutely thrilling photoshoot montage – then definitely for the fun vibe – QT Gold Coast will not disappoint!

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