hawaiiaccommodation-oahuoutrigger-reefToutrigger-oahuhink of a traditional 4-star hotel, then add TRADITION and CULTURE and actual things you want to hawaiian-artsee and experience of the land your visiting while still having the luxury of not needing to leave your hotel to see it, that’s the Outrigger Reef Waikiki Beach Resort.hawaii-beachoutrigger-waikikiDo you want to sit poolside and see an authentic Hawaiian band playing live Hawaiian music? Of course you do! What about getting to experience tear-jerking romance of couples renewing their vows on the beach early morning at a traditional Hawaiian ceremony, something that I will always remember, with a message and purpose to love and promises, that I will value for life. These are the kinds of experiences the Outrigger Reef offers. Because they get it, you want to relax, you want to actually honoluluHOLIDAY, you want to take it easy, but you don’t want to feel like you could’ve just taken two weeks off and sat at home by the pool either, you still want to take away some tradition and culture of the place you’re in to share with others back home, telling stories of new experiences and sharing the way others live with the people missing you back home. This hotel beyond gets it! They get it so much, they enjoy it with you! You can see staff members laughing with guests, sharing knowledge and suggestions, making them not only feel beyond welcome but also welcoming them in to the Hawaiian culture at the same time.

accommodation-hawaiiIt’s true that Hawaii really is one of the happiest places on earth, from check-in to ordering room service, to having a chat with the smiley housekeeper and even the cleaners while they’re on their break cheering me on for my morning run – everyone wears a smile to greet you with!outrigger-reef-bedroomSo “embarrassing Nat” striked again! After my morning jog I went up through the stairwell to my room instead from the beach (since it’s right on my doorstep) but my key wasn’t working and I remember at check-in being fully warned that it was like any other magnet and couldn’t get it wet and I freaked out that my sweat from my run had demagnetized it, so I called from the hallway phone down to send someone up to help me with my door, so they send someone up and I wait about 10 minutes, then I call again, they apologize and re-send someone up again, I wait another 10 minutes and then call again – they said they had sent someone up twice, but am I sure I’m on the 3rd floor (my floor) because I’m calling from the second? I looked around and noticed 2’s instead of 3’s, then it clicked why my key “wasn’t working” woopsy daisy! I ran up the other flight and called them from my room to apologize! 😛ocean-view-suiteoutrigger-ocean-view-suiteSpeaking of my room – let’s just sum it up with amazing shall we? The bed was super big and super comfortable, I loved having a little desk to work on that overlooks the ocean and that balcony right over the beach was heavenly, waikiki-beachI purposefully switched my alarm off on my phone and slept with the curtains open to feel the warm sea breeze to go to sleep and be woken up by the natural sunrise.


hawaii-breakfastI also got to experience quite a bit of dining here at the Outrigger Reef, both from room-service breakfasts while I was working and also some afternoon late lunches and early dinners by the band, I even got to try a local dish – Loco Moco! It was created by the surfers who just wanted something easy and filling, well with a pile of rice, a meat patty, a fried egg on top and whole lotta gravy, I was well impressed to get through at least half of it before bursting at my jean seams!outrigger-reef-waikiki-beach-resortI had such a friendly, peaceful, relaxing and cultural stay at the Outrigger Reef Waikiki Beach Resort. Everything felt very….easy! It just flowed. There are so many activities for travelers to engage in, including hula lessons and lei-necklace making classes – all complimentary to ensure you, the traveler, get the most out of your aloha experience! I had some great laughs, I made friends and I experienced new things. Many mahalo’s for having me, it was such an enjoyable stay, right on the beaches of Oahu!outrigger-reef-ocean-view

To book your stay visit – www.outriggerreef-onthebeach.comoutrigger-reef-waikiki

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    Wow you really bring things to life with your writing makes me want to jump on a plane right now very inspiring 😀

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