Montigo Resorts Seminyak – where location meets luxury!

Seminyak has increasingly become the top destination choice when it comes to “Where to stay in Bali?”

From beach clubs, to shopping or simply just central ease of access to most sought after attractions, Seminyak is a one stop shop! Although coming at a slight downfall as a “tourist spot” which means, tourist prices and less authentic Balinese culture, it is definitely still my choice of location in Bali. Simply for it’s user friendly access to all Bali has to offer and having everything you could think of needing at your immediate fingertips….or at least a $2 GoJek/Grab bike ride away 😛

This trip to Bali I opted to check out some prime luxury accommodation right in the heart of Seminyak, when I say right in the heart I mean…literally, next door, to Mrs Sippy, The W and the main strip of Seminyak shopping!

Montigo Resorts Seminyak is on the larger end of the properties I’ve visited in Bali, boasting not just one, or two, but THREE swimming pools. They are currently building another residential block outside one of those pools making the hotel a very sizeable 125 rooms to choose from. I was also told they have the largest kids club in Bali and they also have an excellent spa and restaurant which I had the pleasure of indulging in.

But I’m sure what you guys really want to know (aside from the generic fact sheet info which I’ll link here) is what I actually thought about the property, right?

Let’s break this down!


Honestly, this is when I look at a destination, even if I’m staying in a bit more of a tourist hot-spot, and really get the feel for the culture of a country, staying at Montigo Resorts Seminyak reminded me of just how much the PEOPLE make Bali for me.

I’ve always had a special place for Bali and I could never quite pin point the exact reason when talking about it, but after coming back, seeing the smiles, how they get so excited just to talk with you or tell you about their culture and country, they become immediate friends, it just so warm and welcoming.

Bali is so common for villa hire these days, but you just can’t get the same level of service and welcoming from a whole team dedicated to putting a smile on your dial like you can at somewhere like Montigo Resorts Seminyak.

I definitely got the warm and fuzzies staying at Montigo Resorts, it might be on the higher end of Bali accommodation and more luxury accommodation style, but the feel from the people is still very much small boutique, everyone knows your name, everyone has time for you – so much so that I had a team of 6 helping me set up the pool for a photo at 5:00 o’clock in the morning. I mean, talk about above and beyond and then say it again for the people in the back!


I’m going to insert a google image here cause I mean….dude, you couldn’t be more in the action unless you were literally camping on the beach!

Amongst it – is an understatement. I never had any issues getting around either, I mean Bali isn’t HUGE but you can still take a minute to get around, especially this trip, the traffic has increased a LOT.

But still it wasn’t more than half an hour to most places, unless you’re like me and want to find a waterfall someone on pinterest stumbled across two hours away and want to see if you can also maybe stumble across it…


Spa – oh lord! Me oh my. Yes, a whole lotta YES. So bloody relaxing and just mmm shoulder-dropping-stress relief. You can choose your own oil too?! I actually asked them to not rub it off me so I could smell like it all day.

Restaurant – I only dined in for breakfast on one out of the three mornings because I was off exploring before it opened but again, service was so sweet and always packed me a to-go-box breakfast, both the buffet and the boxes were great, buffet obviously more-so then boxes as I could sit and enjoy, make my own omelette etc.

I also actually ate at the restaurant all three nights there too and tried a few different options, some authentic Bali dishes like “Babi Guling” but the lobster, personally have never been full from lobster just because it’s not usually a HEAVY dish, I mean you have a tail of meat and that’s mostly it, but I got three on a plate, I couldn’t finish! I could not finish my lobster. Never happened. I’m a little mad at myself at this particular moment writing this just thinking back.

Gym – I pack at least 3 gym options when I travel and go to the gym approximately 0 times. But I got some good drone shots of a few other people packing it out. So, useful? I’m locking in yes.

Pools – as in plural of pool, you can choose any and all three, two can only be used by guests and one is open for the public near the restaurant but all three a very enticing and tropical with floating fun like bean bags or unicorns!

I’ll wrap this section up but they also had a gift shop and kids club, both I didn’t go in to but walked past numerous times and they looked very fun and full of said fun things LOL!


The room itself was quite generic for me, very spacious though, I definitely didn’t feel cramped for space at all and was larger than most, the bed was VERY comfortable. I think I just always picture Bali very tropical and you can just tell/feel when you’re in Bali and this for me was more on the modern side, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing at ALL.

It’s more personal preference and I love feeling immersed in culture when I’m traveling, even a few traditional ornaments or statues to set the tone would have been nice. I did love the dark-wood features and the space but a bit more of a tropical vibe would have been just perfect, but I mean, that’s just being picky and again, personal preference!

I did love being a short walk to the restaurant for my dinner and just the convenience in general with Montigo Resorts Seminyak. If I had to fault them at all, it would just be putting as much culture in the interior as they already do in the exterior, that’s all.

If you have any more questions feel free to ask me below and I will happily give you my honest opinion. I will some it up with this though: Fave moments: The people!! Love them, already friends on social media and I ADORE THAT! The restaurant and the spa, could happily spend my days there and ease of location!

Would I stay again? Absolutely! I’m dying to check out their new addition and spend a bit more of my time relaxing at one of Bali’s top luxury accommodation spots – Montigo Resorts Seminyak!

To check out their amazing gallery, videos and booking info visit their page here –



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