L’hotel Island South – Hong Kong Island

???????????????????????????????Hong Kong. 

Where can I even begin? It reminded me so much of Tokyo in a way and brought back all these amazing feelings from my first trip overseas without my parents to Japan with my best mates, I felt so alive, the city lights, the busy streets, the fast-paced but slowed down island, everything you could possibly want at your fingertips and everyone was SO friendly!?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????Our first exploration destination: Hong Kong Island – southside! And our first accommodation point, L’hotel Island South – a group of award winning hotels situated in all the hot spots of Hong Kong and…I’ll warn you, you’re not going to know that amazing smell when you first walk in the building, so I’ll fill you in, it’s a white tea scented aroma that L’hotel specifically carefully picked to create the calm vibe you get when you enter!! That’s right people, they MAKE THEIR OWN SMELLS!!! And it’s in the bathroom products too, so your hair can go smelling like a mix between abercrombie & fitch with L’hotel white tea all around Hong Kong. Major bonus!

So, hated to be THAT traveler, but RJ’s bags decided to take their own little holiday to the Philippines when we had a stopover in Singapore – which was 18 hours, so, we had the grand idea of pulling an all nighter and seeing as much as possible in Singapore, sooooo no clean clothes was kind’ve an issue here, luckily…the wonderful staff at L’hotel not only called up with updates on our bag sitch (we got it back FYI) but also gave me directions to the closest shopping district and organized a ride for me to get there to pick up some essentials for the next few days. You know that saying “it’s not where you go, but who you’re with”? I feel like L’Hotel completely incorporates that, it didn’t matter that we were in a completely new country, no idea which way was which, didn’t speak the language and under the particular circumstances…I was treated just as I would be by a compassionate friend back in Aussie, there to help me out – THAT’S the brownie points factor right there, total props!  ???????????????????????????????

???????????????????????????????So after a completely refreshing and relaxing night in their oh-so-comfy beds made of heaven clouds (I presume.) I didn’t miss a beat heading down to the buffet breakfast, you say buffet, I say yes please! It was here I really took in the theme that L’Hotel had going on, very relaxed, calm, oceany – perfect for a Gold Coast girl like me! I was busily taking photos of the restaurant area when I noticed the glistening chandelier was actually designed into tiny little fish dangling! So much art and creativity! The walls had beautiful ocean and fish designs and then – lightbulb – it clicked, since L’hotel Island South was on Hong Kong Island, their theme was all about the calm and relaxing Island life! Yay!???????????????????????????????When you think of beach house, what colours come to mind? I’ll bet lots of sandy beige, white, turquoise blue and maybe even a slight tan/camel? You got it! That’s the calming hues you will have hugging you throughout your stay and completely relieving any subconscious worries and stresses, I mean, we had a lost bag – pretty much the top of the “I hope this never happens while I’m travelling” list and here we were noooo worries. Oh L’hotel feng shui, you’re good. ???????????????????????????????Back in our Aqua Room we had stunning views of the Ocean Park, in the distance we could see the cable carts travelling up and down the hills, which of course, made us want to go to the infamous highest peak over-looking Hong Kong. We were kindly advised by our hotel the best times for sunset and an extremely handy local map which was circled with the best routes, MTR system and average costs, which was super helpful. 

We were lucky enough to be in Hong Kong during the annual Art Week so took the hotel shuttle into Central to check some of that out along with the peak. I loved the shuttle, it was so handy, obviously free which is great, regular and on time! In fact, transport in a whole in Hong Kong is completely reliable but it was amazing that our Hotel offered that to us as guests and made those journeys just that much easier, helpful and insightful! ???????????????????????????????The next day, I of course, over indulged in brekky again, and I’d love to add that the Restaurant manager who is always present, offers how you would like your eggs cooked every morning, which may seem like a normal statement but remember, this is a breakfast BUFFET…meaning…you help yourself. So to be waited on, by the restaurant manager, is surely impressive and very well received! I chose scrambled…just in case you would like to know 😉

???????????????????????????????Of course, I like many, am not immune to large consumptions of delicious food but fortunately for me L’hotel Island South had a fully equipped gym with a beautiful view into the pool area and neighbouring hillside so I could do my regular workout routine to not let the buffets get the better of me!  ???????????????????????????????After working out (and showering) I went down to the lobby to just chill out and relax with a Hong Kong issue of Cosmopolitan (surprisingly, still the same, in chinese, but I definitely got the??????????????????????????????? hang of things…or at least the pictures) and had a lovely cup of help-yourself espresso/tea machine and indulged in some secluded solitude in one of the many booth couches, I also noted there was a computer area for easy internet access, as well as small meeting areas, I’m assuming for all of those business men who come to have a little more work rather than play, handy! AND…I can not not mention the beautiful white grand piano…being the first instrument I ever learned to play I am such a sucker for a piano, but a grand WHITE piano…that’s just class and luxury right there. I didn’t play…just incase I disturbed anyone, but the fact it made my eyes light up was enough of a memory for me to take with me.???????????????????????????????

 ??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????I love, love, LOVE that L’hotel Island South not only have a theme, but stay true to that theme in everything they do, I love that they have chosen a relaxing, calming water vibe, I LOOOOOVE that they are part of the Hong Kong Global GeoPark of China preservation associates and support the environment, even so much has having mineral fossil displays in the lobby to see the results of all of their support, and I also love that even though they are such a high-calibre Hotel, that they take the time for ???????????????????????????????each individual. Sometimes you hear about Hotel standards and you think that just applies to the building itself, the architecture, the bed quality, the layout, furniture, amenities and location. But it’s also so so so much in the service. I love an award-winning Hotel that keeps striving to STAY award-winning and gives their 100% to making your stay amazing. Which mine completely was sans lost luggage, and I’m kind’ve embarrassed to admit….but I sneakily took the remnants of my L’hotel Island South shower gel so I could smell it throughout my travels and have that amazing white tea memory wherever I go!

 Thanks For the Memories!! I can only dream of coming back hopefully soon as there’s still SOOO much I want to see and do. To go ahead and explore for me, be sure to book your stay at this amazing hotel at

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