DSC04549 (1280x720)DSC04466 (1280x720)DSC04551 (1280x720)DSC04495 (1280x720)Ok guys, I have a HI-LARIOUS story about our arrival at L’hotel élan! We were coming from our wonderful stay at L’hotel Island South and decided to be super local about it and catch public transport with the handy bus that departed right outside the hotel so off we went, super chuffed with our living-like-a-local skills and arrived at the stop which would leave us a 5min walk from L’hotel élan – however, as I mentioned, RJ’s bag had gone off on its own little Phillipino journey and Tiger Air did the courtesy of roughing it up a little for us (never again) so one of the wheels was slightly bust SO long story longer, RJ couldn’t really wheel it and said hey let’s just grab a taxi instead, fair enough, if it’s a 5min walk it’s gonna be a zero min taxi and super cheap!

DSC04538 (1280x720)So we are standing by the bus stop frustratingly trying to hail all these taxi’s which weren’t stopping even though they were empty, what gives? Then, a helpful citizen comes up to us and says, “taxi’s can not stop on the double line” we look down at the street and we are on a street of double yellow lines SO we decide alright let’s just take this little alley way and maybe we can hire one from there, we cross through and are greeted by more double yellow lines but I spot a little corner just a bit further where they stop and lug my luggage over to it and hail the first cab I see thanking my lucky stars. He pulls over, we load our luggage and I take out my phone and show him the address, confused he stares at it and starts speaking in Chinese shaking his finger and pointing to his right. I’m thinking ohhh bugger he’s not gonna drive us cause it’s such a short ride so I say in my most pleading voice “I know it’s suuuuper close but we have luggage so we don’t mind paying you extra just please please take us” again he looks confused at me and tries to piece together some english “you want address?” And points at my phone. “Yes, yes, this address, suuuuper close, we will pay whatever” and he starts speaking in Chinese again and pointing behind him, frustrated I ask a passer by “excuse me, do you speak English?” He says yes and walks over “greaaaaat, can you please tell him we want to go here to this address, whatever he wants to charge” he looks at my phone and DSC04541 (1280x720)talks in Chinese to our cab driver, they converse for a second and he hands me back my phone and says “yes, he is saying, your hotel is right behind you…” RJ and I slowly turn behind us and look up to a giant L’hotel élan sign….haaaaaaa WOOPS!!!! Sorrrrrryyyy!! We sheepishly take out our luggage from his boot and wheel ourselves into the reception bright-red faced and in fits of laughter! Awesome way to make an entrance right?!! Oh boy.

DSC04542 (1280x720)But our receptionist loved the story when we told them and had a great laugh too! We were then taken to our beautiful room with gorgeous view over Central city and the Bay area!DSC04471 (1280x720)DSC04455 (1280x720)DSC04529 (1280x720)L’hotel élan has a prominent design, the colors for example are more dark, earthy and business modern to theme with the business district area in Central Kowloon, the chic darker themes incorporate beautiful woodwork and stay true to the L’hotel Group’s commitment to their work with the Hong Kong Global Geopark of China with framed fossil decorations throughout the hotel. DSC04464 (1280x720)They still had their AMAZING white tea scent which iv become obsessed with but sadly ran out of 🙁 and a really cool and innovative tool was their iPad menu’s and hotel maps in each room – you can pick and order room service off it with a picture for each meal, check out the yoga times for the next mornings virtual yoga class, look up local great eats and activities and basically have everything quite literally at your finger tips
DSC04491 (1280x720)DSC04490 (1280x720)From being situated in the Central business district it’s definitely got some beneficial factors for business types however is not completely catered that way, there is still plenty of room for rest and relaxation, like their roof top pool and high-level gym area with cafe section and Yoga/Pilates mats!DSC04518 (1280x720)DSC04512 (1280x720)DSC04521 (1280x720)If you head down to the lower level you will find a huge restaurant area with classic art pieces decorating the hallways leading up to their outside patio and entertainment area. Our hosts even told us about an event they had just thrown for a business a few nights ago, I asked them about it and L’hotel élan will even put on all the food, provide waiters and decorate your party for you the way you’d like, Hotel and Party Caterers – Awesome!!!DSC04507 (1280x720)DSC04508 (1280x720)I really like that everything can be pretty self-serviced as well in terms of accessing what you need, it’s really great for people on the go that want things quick and easy and I think it’s great that they have BOTH for you, easy-access or help if you want it!DSC04553 (1280x720)DSC04478 (1280x720)The location is amazing, clearly VERY walkable to public transport 😛 there’s some really nice shops, restaurants and cafes right outside the area and when I was walking down towards them one day I even saw an authentic Chinese dragon dance or battle or dance battle between two dressed up dragon characters in the garage next door! Now there’s some authentic culture for you!

The food is delicious, with a great selection of both Asian specialties and International cuisines and they have sections of the restaurant which cater to private functions too which is handy to know. DSC04462 (1280x720)DSC04468 (1280x720)Honestly both hotels are amazing, great service, great style, catering to all types and you’re going to have a great stay – my recommendation would be thinking about your location choices and style of your holiday, are you wanting to be more quick on-the-go? Or more calm and taking it slow? Other then that, for me, the only big choice would be location, but I had an enjoyable stay at both and I’m sure you will too!

DSC04500 (1280x720)For more details and booking info visit – www.lhotelelan.comDSC04459 (1280x720)

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