hotel mockingbird hill mille fleurs restauranthotel-mockingbird-hill-mille-fleurs-restaurant (3)hotel-mockingbird-hill-mille-fleurs-restaurant (16)
hotel-mockingbird-hill-mille-fleurs-restaurant (5)The only thing not on island time during my trip to Jamaica, was how quickly I gobbled down the delicious and authentic Jamaican cuisine at Mille Fleurs Restaurant, located inside Hotel Mockingbird Hill during my stay as a guest of the hotel. 
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hotel-mockingbird-hill-mille-fleurs-restaurant (6)I wasn’t quite sure what to expect from the Jamaican cuisine as my first knowledge from a local in Ocho Rios was insisting I tried the curried goat! Well luckily for me I was started off on something a little easier to stomach – stuffed spinach plantains as an app and delicious pork chops with caramelized pineapple on top! I was soooo stuffed I couldn’t even muster dessert!
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hotel-mockingbird-hill-mille-fleurs-restaurant (9)The next day was actually one for making it count – Meatless Monday’s! In an attempt to continue the support of the cause as well as being Eco-friendly, I was served a delicious patay to start and stuffed risotto bell peppers for my main, which was not only delicious but healthy and nourishing for the body as well as the mind, knowing you were contributing to a great cause and movement! 
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hotel-mockingbird-hill-mille-fleurs-restaurant (12)Breakfast most days was a light fruit and homemade bread basket with a variety of drinks – fresh squeezed orange juice, waters, tea and coffees from the blue mountains! The banana bread and coconut bread were unlike any ever tried before and the other guests at the hotel agreed! hotel-mockingbird-hill-mille-fleurs-restaurant (11)Absolutely addictive!
The fruit was so sweet too, whenever talking to other guests everyone would always agree “sweetest pineapple I’ve ever had” or “how amazing is the banana bread” good enough to eat! Literally! The last day, I did want to try an authentic Mille Fleurs cooked brekkie, which is exactly what I got with an egg and vege scramble, crispy bacon and cooked tomatoes.
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During my stay I indulged in fresh snapper (an extremely huge unfinishable piece I may add) over homemade pasta and freshly picked wild hook from the gardens of Hotel Mockingbird Hill, accompanied with a delicious beetroot salad.hotel-mockingbird-hill-mille-fleurs-restaurant (15)
hotel-mockingbird-hill-mille-fleurs-restaurant (21)For my last me al I tried out a Jamaican traditional dinner of rice and beans with fresh fish and finally mustered up a dessert for my last evening and I’m soooo glad I did! Homemade ice cream drizzled with caramel sauce! I had my pick of Vanilla, Coconut and Coffee – so of course, I tried all three! And even then, I couldn’t pick my favourite between them! 
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The prices of the food at the hotel are average, affordable and extremely well portioned, full of spice and flavor, authentic and displayed impeccably! However, if you’re a guest of Hotel Mockingbird Hill, you can choose your stay to include breakfast and dinners as a package which I would highly recommend, not just for the incredible taste and authenticity factor but for the absolute care and convenience that goes into it. 
For example, say you want to hike up the blue mountains early one morning? Hotel Mockingbird Hill will prepare a packed breakfast and even packed lunch or picnic lunch WITH basket for you! Say you are allergic to gluten? All of your meals will be prepared and accommodated for you so that you can still enjoy a Jamaican dish while staying allergy-free! They have vegan options, vegetarian options and an incredible range of healthy options and choices every day. 
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hotel-mockingbird-hill-mille-fleurs-restaurant (14)hotel-mockingbird-hill-mille-fleurs-restaurant (18)The experience consists of choosing your appetizers, entrees and desserts up in the lounging area overlooking the dusky air and town lights glistening in the distance, while you enjoy a beverage of your choice (mine was always red wine) and then, only once your food was ready were you assisted to your table without a moment to waste. Each serving would come out presented beautifully and explained by the helpful staff so you knew exactly each and every delicious ingredient that you were very easily inhaling! 
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hotel-mockingbird-hill-mille-fleurs-restaurant (4)I loved the ease of not having to worry about what would be for dinner, or where I’d be for dinner, and simply was able to have an array of choices each night, relax with a wine and a view and enjoy conversation with other guests from all walks of life, while listening to the tropical birds chirping in the lush forests around you. Just in case that’s not enough of a mood setting for you, Hotel Mockingbird Hill will even arrange a private romantic setting on request down in the gardens for when you want that special moment! 
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I’ve never been much of a food critic, but I definitely enjoy my food and am a very talented and happy eater and I can say with absolute conviction that everything I ate during my stay was delicious and to die for! The way it was prepared with such flavor and presented with such flare was extremely impressive and I could definitely taste the uniqueness and authenticity of the fact I was eating locally, homemade food with a definitive Jamaican feel! 
I thoroughly enjoyed my mornings and evenings dining at Mille Fleurs Restaurant in Hotel Mockingbird Hill, great food, great conversation and a very great view! 
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For reservations or hotel information please visit – you can also read my Hotel review by clicking the link here
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