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hotel-mockingbird-hill-jamaica (23)Nestled in the hilltop forestry of Port Antonio, Jamaica sits Hotel Mockingbird Hill. With views of the ocean in the east and the curved indent of the town below, you are close enough either way with both the beach and town being no more than a 5min drive from either, but still up in the seclusion where you can breathe in fresh air and fresh scenery whilst you relax into island life, unbothered and stress-free. 
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hotel-mockingbird-hill-jamaica (13)The Eco-boutique Hotel Mockingbird Hill boasts not only simply delicious, tasty food prepared from fresh, locally sourced produce but also well-maintained, cascading lush gardens surrounding you from the moment you enter the grounds. The gardens, which took three different miracle hurricanes to create and open up areas of forest the owners didn’t know existed, creating vision and a pathway to well….hotel-mockingbird-hill-jamaica (11)a pathway, are full of beauty and a calming aura, with areas equipped with decks between the trees and paved areas for sunrise yoga sessions, outdoor wellness areas to request massages and pampering while you’re immersed in nature and of course, the sounds of over 40 different species of birds lulling you into relaxation and mindfulness.
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hotel-mockingbird-hill-jamaica (6)Each room has outward-suspended balconies overlooking the gardens and views of the town and ocean below, while the beds have princess style mosquito dressings so you can sleep with the door open and the sounds of the forest around you and enjoy the beautiful routine of waking up with the sunlight and falling asleep to the tropical rain showers.
Thehotel-mockingbird-hill-jamaica (4) freshness continues with Hotel Mockingbird Hill ‘s very own bath products with coconut infusions so you can take that island feeling home with you or around the island on your adventures!  My personal favourite was the coconut lotion, refreshing and soothing!

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hotel-mockingbird-hill-jamaica (21)The staff are always smiling and friendly, willing to accommodate your every request and above all, ensuring your stay is nothing short of excellence and comfort.  Always there to offer advice on activities and just incase you forget all the handy tips they’ve said, you have a booklet on hotel mockingbird hill explaining everything you need to know from dining to activities in the area, detailed by time allowances and levels of difficulty to ensure your time here in Jamaica is maximized and enjoyed to its fullest! 

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hotel-mockingbird-hill-jamaica (20)Even on a venture in to town to get little souvenirs and tidbits for my family, the local stallholders knew Barbara (the Hotel Mockingbird Hill manager) by name and said to say hello, sharing stories from how they knew each other. That’s the Jamaica way, we all take care of each other – “One Love” as I was told. 

hotel mockingbird hill jamaica
The hotel itself only closes at the end of August through September during hurricane season, not that it gets hit often, but to take precautions for their guests and most importantly their guests safety! But the rest of the year is open-armed and welcoming for your enjoyment to stay and dine. To learn more about Hotel Mockingbird Hill or to book your stay head over to 
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To read further about the restaurant Mille Fleurs located at Hotel Mockingbird Hill click on this link to my review here
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