Jagat Niwas Palace – Udaipur luxury!

Jagat Niwas Palace was a very last minute stay for me and I was very appreciative that they could have me on such short notice!
Udaipur is a beautiful blue and white covered city with stunning alleyways down every turn.

It’s a very romantic city and most luxury hotels are all surrounding the lake in the centre of the city.

Jagat Niwas Palace had the romance and essence of Udaipur in everything from the decor and furnishings to the rooftop dining and centre piece opening the hotel from the inside out. Which was very symmetrical to the city itself.

The rooms were filled with natural light and beautiful windows looking out to the lake below.

Breakfast was served on couch cushions and mini tables propped up for you to enjoy with lake views and traditional chai tea while the light breeze relaxed your morning, starting the day peaceful and calm.

Jagat Niwas Palace was centrally located and I was able to easily walk to all the local attractions and wander the streets exploring the charm of Udaipur.

My last morning I was lucky enough to go out on Jagat Niwas Palace luxury house-boat, built like an open-deck pontoon that allows guests to enjoy the space and be level with the lake to watch locals washing in the early morning as the sun came up!

The romance of the city is very inviting and Jagat Niwas Palace captures it beautifully in their stunning hotel. There’s not a thing I could fault and I’m incredibly grateful to have been accommodated on such short notice, I would definitely plan to visit again to sign off for some peace and tranquility

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