Jim Corbett National Park courtesy of Wood Castle Spa & Resort 

So I did what everyone tells you not to do and I went to Jim Corbett National Park in India, but WITHOUT the expectation of seeing a tiger. I had everyone from social media friends to random strangers on the plane telling me “You won’t see a tiger.”

If I’m being honest, I wasn’t really heading there for that reason. And I truly feel, if you drop the expectation and just go to enjoy the park itself, you’ll have a much more peaceful and appreciative time.

During my time in Ramnagar I stayed at Wood Castle Spa & Resort and did the tour of Jim Corbett National Park with them in one of their private jeep safaris.

The resort itself was beautiful! The grounds were huge, and it actually backs out onto a beautiful river with horses! Such a dream!

I was lucky enough to experience an authentic Ayurdvedic Massage with Wood Castle Spa & Resort while there, I’ll be very transparent, I could NOT stop laughing. Personally, have never had my chest rubbed like that 😛

I got the giggles so bad and honestly had to hold my hand over my mouth at one point because I was so uncomfortably in hysterics! The masseuse ended up catching my giggles too and by the end I had both a healing massage as well as a good dose of medicinal laughter leaving me feeling positive and grateful!

On the Safari we saw so many wild deer , pigs and monkeys, some fresh elephant POOP, but no actual elephant! The guide was so nice and friendly too and we even stopped in at a local village where we spotted some peacocks and chatted over a nice hot cup of chai tea!

Jim Corbett National Park is truly filled with so much beauty. I don’t think people should dismiss it so easily, maybe just not expect the tiger and don’t revolve your going there around that and you will be pleasantly surprised with your findings and the beauty surrounding you!

I loved the tour and the resort and would recommend both. Wood Castle Spa & Resort truly took care of me and were a pleasure to stay with. I would love to go back in summer and enjoy the beautiful pool and grounds more when the weather is less brisk! I went in March, I would recommend May would probably be a great time to visit.

Most of the properties surrounding Jim Corbett National Park will have their own tour operators or a strong referral to companies but I would recommend booking with the hotel as you can plan your itinerary with ease and stress-free.

I ended up taking a cab from Rishikesh because I didn’t know any other way and it was expensive, you can take the train from Haridwar to Ramnagar easily and access the resorts and Jim Corbett National Park from there.

I was quite surprised to find so little travel information on getting to Jim Corbett National Park other than a variety of buses or cabs but the train would be the most affordable, easiest and fastest route. Getting to Haridwar is not hard especially if you are already in the North. Most buses and trains pass through their easily as it was the same station I bused to Manali and then also back down on the train to Delhi for Agra.

Have you guys been to Jim Corbett National Park? What did you think?

For more info on the resort visit –

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