The Himalayan is no joke a medieval castle!

This felt like jumping back in time in the best way possible. I think the fact that it was snowing and I could cozy up by the fireplace made it that much better!

On first arrival at this seriously stunning luxury resort in Manali, the friendly staff at The Himalayan were quick to show me to my already heated room which was a heaven to walk into from having traveled through the cold.

As far as the interior, the room was spacious and absolutely 5 star quality, made it near impossible to want to leave with views that over-looked the stunning Himalayan mountain caps while you cozied up with a book and hot drink to slip deep into “relax-mode”. The wooden floors and brick walls made it feel truly like you were staying in an old castle.

The Himalayan hosts a plethora of opulent details in things like the furniture, archways, historic decorations and beautiful paintings lit up along the brick castle walls. The stairways make you feel like you’ve truly stepped into a fairytale as the wind up towards the crows nest lookout.

Don’t even get me started on that pool! The pool was so picturesque and the bare trees lining the garden makes me only dream of what it would look like in summer! I may just have to come back!

The food was excellent when I dined at the hotel and promptly delivered! I mean it when I say I struggled to leave the room LOL! Also, it was one of the few places I stayed in India that had a gym! So I was able to work off all that excellent food, and the gym was VERY spacious too. Some places had gyms but they were so cramped and those were big resorts, not at all a castle! So props to The Himalayan for that!

I would love to experience The Himalayan in Manali again over summer, I know my parents would absolutely love this place!

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